Ubuntu Touch Q&A 42 - Saturday, January 5, 2019

  • A month to prepare and Dalton still can't post the questions thread right...

    It's the Ubuntu Touch Q&A! This is a show where we discuss the development of Ubuntu Touch and your questions! The next Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday, January 5, at 1900 UTC. You can get a countdown and watch it live on its YouTube page.

    You can ask questions in this thread and we'll try our best to answer them live! You can also bring them to YouTube live chat or Telegram.

    There are some things we won't answer though:

    • Will you port to my phone? (community device port status can be found at halium/projectmanagement)
    • What is the status of the port to my phone?
    • Have you worked on bug yet?

    We also might not be able to get to all questions in this thread either due to time constraints or simply not having a good answer for you. Please don't be upset if your question isn't answered.

    We'll see you when we're live!

  • Ubuntu touch become greater and greater : thank you for all the improvements done and best wishes 2019 for the extended family Ubports.

    1- Ubports move progressively from github to gitlab, is it exact ? If it is, is there a provisionnal timetable ?

    2- I went to this well done site
    to test security in morph-browser with and out VPN.

    So is/are there vulnerabilities which must be corrected, particularly WebRTC leaks ? As it is possible to correct this in other browsers : Firefox, Opera...

  • Congrats to a succesfull 2018! You've managed to get onto Xenial, almost deprecated Oxide, almost reached Halium and you're closing in on Mir.

    What are your personal coolest achievements of 2018, and what are you looking for mostly in 2019?

  • I'm interested in the progress updating to Mir 1.x (no surprise there):

    • how well is it working in development?
    • Is the phone graphics stack migrating to Wayland in the first iteration?
    • Or remaining with the mirclient API for now?
      • If so, when the phone graphics stack migrating to Wayland?
    • Will "desktop" apps running on the phone use Wayland? Or Xwayland? (Or Xmir?!)
      • NB GTK+ apps (for example) on Xenial use xdg-shell V5; Mir does not currently support this obsolete Wayland extension, will this cause problems running "desktop" apps running on the phone?

    I now realize that the answer to "Is the phone graphics stack migrating to Wayland in the first iteration?" has to be "no":

    • There are still some mirclient APIs that have no equivalent Wayland extensions (two specific cases being "trusted prompt session" and "lifecycle" events).
    • It would also be non-trivial mapping the "content hub" behavior to Wayland's data exchange protocols.

    ( These considerations will also impact the Unity8 Desktop to a lesser extent.)

  • @unisuperbox I thought I heard on a Q&A that Snaps were coming in OTA8. Did I mis-hear, or has there been a change in plan? If so, when might we be able to enjoy using Snaps on UT? Thx

  • I would like to know if there will be any bootcamps for learning how to troubleshoot various aspects (like ofono) and basic methods to try that supplements the guide for those of use trying to port to new devices. I feel this would be beneficial for the various stages of porting to a device. I myself have much to learn especially when it comes to documentation for my port as well as troubleshooting various things (like the ofono stack or the android container)

  • @unisuperbox

    Asteroid OS for Asus and LG watches is built on Qt, QML and libhybris. Does that mean a close synergy with UT should be possible? [Invite Florent Revest to a future Q&A?]

  • What's the status of the arm64 rootfs? It seems to be failing to build at the moment.

    Also, is there anything that we should currently not expect to work through halium? (I'm looking at you modem...)

  • Which are the upcoming UT events in early 2019? 😉 Any conferences with UBports presence (Fosdem)?

  • Contact sync and calendar sync with Nextcloud have been a repeated conversation. There are some 'almost ready' apps like UBsync and the Nextcloud webapp. How much development effort would be required to have a nextcloud friendly calendar and contact sync?

  • @domubpkm

    I set up PIA VPN (cell data only works, wifi VPN still does not work) on my Nexus 5 and am using the Morph browser. It passes tests, but not for WebRTC. There is no point in having a VPN with no way to disable WebRTC. Has anyone figured out how to disable WebRTC? Firefox has extensions and I have those on another computer.

  • @air409 Please repost this as a new question in the support section. This is and old thread and really just for Q&A42 so will be missed by many who it may help as well

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