Q&A 43 Saturday 19/01/2019 @ 19:00 UTC

  • The second Q&A of the year is this Saturday 19/01/19. This means it's question time. Please post them below as soon as you can giving us plenty of time to prepare and we'll do our best to answer them live on the day.
    Just remember no questions on porting to device **** ( that's found at https://github.com/halium/projectmanagement ) porting status of device **** and bugs.

    You can then watch live here on Saturday at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uhuz0ZrzE4 and use Youtube live chat and Telegram.

  • Hi,

    regarding app development I'd like to know, if Ubuntu.Components are going to be removed or not and what will be the replacement. I found some references to pure QQC2 and Ergo, but I'm not sure. App then looks very different.

    I'd like to know in what toolkit to start making apps, so they would have consistent look&feel now and in the future and how to apply Suru theming correctly. I really liked Ubuntu touch UI guidelines and the toolkit representing them.

    Maybe a blogpost about where is it going and what is current status would be nice.

  • @ubportsnews
    Has the decision about a new Launcher been made or not yet, as it is targeted for the next OTA's together with a new Mir and Unity 8, so what it is going to look like?

  • Does someone count/has an eye on/track/whatever
    the number of regression we "create"? How many of them to detect or better lets say confirm after release? I would be interested in those values to judge whether our test phase (after feature freeze) is long enough.

  • Hello,
    I am aware that Flo is trying to get in touch with NetworkManager guys to make networking on our Ubuntu devices way better. He also mentioned it on the last call. There is also this related bug report available: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/885

    My question is however as follows as I was not able to understand this at all so far:
    At least Ubuntu 18.04+ has NetworkManager that supports captive portal detection and ignores interfaces with no data flow. So in case you were passing by a WiFi with captive portal or in case the signal was too bad it would simply ignore that interface and could still use mobile data.

    Why is it not possible to backport a newer version of NetworkManager and see what happens?

    Related to that Connectivity api: https://docs.ubuntu.com/phone/en/apps/api-qml-development/Ubuntu.Connectivity.NetworkingStatus is also in need of a redesign/rewrite as it is not fully working so when attending to NetworkManager it would be great to bind this to the possibilities of the latest network manager.

    Thank you very much for shedding some more light on this topic and as always I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing!

  • Hi there !

    Did you follow the part of the Librem 5/Purism work of libhandy :

    "The aim of The handy library is to help with developing UI for mobile devices using GTK+/GNOME."

    I understand that your goal is unity, but do you think it could lead to some convergences opportunities ?

    And again, thank you very much for your work !

  • What will be the future of the Ubuntu UI Toolkit (Ubuntu Components)? Will it get a new maintainer or will it become deprecated? Are Qt Quick Controls the future? For app developers its important to know which toolkit is best to use for the future 🙂

  • Any UT@FOSDEM activity planned?

  • Hi everybody
    So my question Is
    The openstore Is cool but have a big desorder that apps, example Facebook app ( existing that 5-6 ir More apps ) and the apps don't have (oficial app or something)
    So how about the openstore Will have More order?

  • I am curious about the Camera app. What functionality does it have or lack, compared with Android? I mean focus, compression algorithms, sharp mask, noise filter etc?

  • @krille @zlamalp makes the same point above

  • How's the progress of the new Unity 8 and mir? When will it land in the edge or even in the dev channel?

  • @zubozrout What do you mean Connectivity API is "not fully working" exactly?

  • @dobey Sorry, I was pointing this specifically at Flo who probably knows what I am talking about from the Telegram dev group.

    Anyway, for certain I should have made this more clear. I meant the following two issues we've bumped into:

    1. "limitedBandwith" property seems to be static, not changing based on the connection type.
    2. On start, "online" property is always set to false and only changes if connection actually changes. Afterwards this seem pretty much reliable but you can't get correct connection state info until you start the app and then change networks.

    I am not sure how "limitedBandwith" behaved when Canonical was still developing Ubuntu Touch as I was never using this but I am pretty sure I had issues with the "online" property even at that time. Sadly I can't remember if it was this issue or something else.

    1. What is the biggest misunderstanding that folks have about the project and what should be the communities response when they encounter it from others?

    2. What are one or two challenges (technical or otherwise) that if solved would be a huge game changer to help the project by leaps and bounds?

  • @profetik777 Please ping us for next Q&A to take your question there 😉

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