• @PINE64 said in PinePhone:

    Posted this month's news update

    Fantastic update. Thank you for posting.

    I updated the OP with the new render and the front motherboard layout. Also updated mention of the camera kill switch to include both front and back cameras, which I should have added earlier.

  • @PINE64 I have seen you have added SFOS as well as partner.

    There will be a pine phone batch with SFOS (with Alien Dalvik?) as well or is it just a community (port?) thing?

  • @makeixo The idea with OS-specific PinePhone batches is just a concept at this time. There are a couple of logistic issues (related to reliably getting the OS to the factory well ahead a schedule OS-specific batch release) that need to be ironed out first.

    As for support from Sailfish OS, please join the PinePhone chat (Discord, Telegram or IRC - your choice) or ask in the relevant forum.

  • @PINE64 thx! An easy way to flash the images would do it for me as well if that is possible.

  • Flashing images and testing new OS' images will be really very simple. Testing will be super easy - flash a SD card and take the new OS for a spin without erasing your existing OS and setup.

    I am currently exploring a way to install all OS' in a super simple way - but need to chat to devs about the implementation I that I have in mind, because they would have to upload up-to-date images to a designated server.

  • @PINE64 That sounds really promising. I might get one just to do some mobile OS-hopping 😃

  • Thanks @PINE64 🙂

  • @trainailleur I am currently not in the loop (traveling). If TL says that it will happen, then it will happen, if others say it will happen, then it may or may not happen 😉 I'll find out in the next 24hrs for you.

    Here is a clarification: one of the reasons that the pogo pins were exposed is to allow for different types of expansion possibilites. Custom backplates may, and likely will, bring aditional functionality in time - NFC/ Wireless charging, are two examples of what can be achieved via the pogo pins. In fact, we're already looking into it. But to make it clear, this will not be a part of the stand-alone phone at the time of launch.

  • Good morning I see that this phone is quite well, I think it lacks megapixels in the camera and slot for two sim, the camera I can understand by the limitation of the CPU, today there are many people who have two sim cards, for work and personal use,

    • Could the second sim card be added?
    • If not, could we use an adapter to put it in the Sim slot?



  • @PINE64 When will the premiere take place and will it be possible to buy a pinephone in poland?

  • @Josele13 The design is locked down now as prototypes are being made; we made the decision to only have one sim slot early on in the design process (basically, the intent is to keep things simple) and this will not change. Regarding the adapter - I simply do not know, but will try to find out for you (I'll edit this post).

    @Eryk-Michalak Witaj, the PinePhone will ship world-wide (with some exceptions, but Poland is not one of them). As for when it will be available; early adopter batches will ship in Q4 this year.

  • @Josele13 In response to your question about the dual sim adapter: it will definitely work, but I don't think it does what you expect. Dual sim adapters like this allow you to connect two SIM cards to your card slot. The phone doesn't actually work with both cards simultaneously. Instead one SIM is operating at a given time while the other is unusable. You can alternate the two by turning the phone off and then back on. Not a great improvement compared to carrying the second SIM in your wallet and changing it when necessary. It's basically only a convenient storage place for the second SIM. Not to mention the adapter is pretty big and I doubt it would fit in most phones.

  • @PINE64 In the renders, "camera" is printed on the front camera. This is just the renders, right? It will not say that on the actual phone?

  • @B2288 Thank you for clarifying how this SIM adapter works, I've seen it advertised on websites, when I choose a mobile is priority two Sim cards, me being all day with two phones, is very tired


  • @B2288 Make nothing of it. There may be text, the PINE64 logo, or nothing at all there - think we'll run a poll and ask people for ideas / opinions.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ameridroid kind-of stole our thunder for the upcoming Community update. Oh well 🙂

  • Interesting news. Sounds like it's going well. I'll be in for one of the early adopter models. ☺

  • I want this running LuneOS, but I'd be happy with anything FOSS-based. I'm in for the first one they'll let me buy!

  • It might be like hungry dogs around a bowl of food to get one of the first phones !! ☺

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