• Finally got mine too 🙂 If i compare it to my previous OPO then i have to admit that bacon image was really mature and besides MMS issue everything worked there like a charm. With PinePhone we are just at the beginning of this road but i think that it should take less time to fix all issues due to growing number of Pinephone users with UBports onboard.
    I think that was a good choice

  • The current state of progress of the Community Edition of the Pinephone reminds me a little of the beginnings of the BQ 4.5 ubuntu when it was first put on the market. The BQ 4.5 has made steady progress to become a good phone : let's hope that this will be the case for the Pinephone but much faster : for it not be obsolete by the time it is working properly....

  • @domubpkm Considering that the community edition is actively aimed at those seeking to contribute to the project, and that it is currently being shipped to thousands of tech enthusiasts world wide, I'd say there's a good chance things will happen a lot quicker. Watching from the outside I think things started moving very fast even with the release of Braveheart. Really looking forwards to seeing what people come up with in the first few weeks of owning CE devices.

    With BQ I guess a lot more of the consumer base bought it expecting a finished product, rather than something they could contribute to themselves.

  • The "community" of the many professional canonical developers was very involved as long as the port of UT on BQ phones was on their roadmap: however, nothing was easy to achieve properly functional cell phones. After that the UBports enthusiasts took over the work on their own in a VERY GREAT WAY.
    Indeed many pinephones of the community edition have surely been sold to competent enthusiasts (in addition to the owners of the other editions) who will want the phone to become functional in a stable way soon : and it will have to be.
    At this stage, the superb packaging totally convinces me !

  • This looks great! Might they release accessories for the I2C port? (6 pogo pins)

  • Hi @PINE64
    Can you please give us an update on the sending of Pinephones ?
    Did those who did not leave get their images updated and functional?
    Thank you

  • Will I have an opportunity to buy a new Pinephone with Ubuntu Touch because I want to buy it but it's out of stock now and there is a preorder only for PostmarketOS version which I don't want. I couldn't buy it before because I was moving and I didn't know my new address. I want to buy two pairs of Pinephones. One for me and one for my girlfriend.

  • @petrmasek I don't believe that you'll be able to buy a Ubuntu version of the phone, new from Pine for a good while, you might be able to either find someone selling theres, or consider buying this CE, and flashing the phone with Ubuntu Touch.

  • @petrmasek PinePhone CE UBports are still available for sale on german pine64 affiliate for 226,69 € including taxes and delivery: is registered as affiliate by pine64:

    The total cost for PP bought directly to pine64 for people in EU who chose DHL is 210-215€.
    So with it's 10-15€ more.

    NB: I have no interest in sha256systems sales

  • @petrmasek First of all: the hardware is getting better with every CE release!

    But it could be possible to get an original UT version from pine64. Look at their homepage and ask support if you canstill get an UT-CE. In case of shipping problems because of COVID-19 it is possible,that some people have canceled their order. And my advice, pay for dhl delivery if it is available for your country or be very patient.

  • This may be a stupid question...but is the Pinephone community edition anywhere NEAR being stable enough for daily use?

  • @Nathan123 The answer can be found here : ......
    it's clear to me 😉

  • @Nathan123 said in PinePhone:

    This may be a stupid question...but is the Pinephone community edition anywhere NEAR being stable enough for daily use?

    Not a stupid question. But no, it is not yet ready to be a sole device for most users, nor even nearly ready. Marius said in last weekend's Q&A that he expected it would be a number of months before it equaled the stability of the Nexus 5 running UT.

  • @trainailleur Thank you sir. "couple of months" isn't too bad.

  • @Nathan123 said in PinePhone:

    @trainailleur Thank you sir. "couple of months" isn't too bad.

    Unfortunately he didn't say "couple." He just said "months." I'm sure stability will come in time, but I wouldn't expect a daily driver on any particular timescale.

  • Yes, months.

    From the Mir perspective (as the Mir lead I know this bit best), there are features UT uses from the mirclient API that, currently, have no equivalent in Wayland.

    Someone has to implement workarounds and/or Wayland equivalents. And there is other work the same devs (both Mir and UBports) are committed to.

    Beyond Mir, there's a whole stack of changes to the OS. New versions of components, and systemd.

    It's all solvable, but will take time.

  • Old-fashioned UT smartphones still have a bright ☀ (time limited) future!

  • Per Lukasz on Telegram, a small number of cancelled-order UBPorts Community Edition PinePhones are up for sale right now (I'm posting this at 2020-07-03 12:07 UTC). DHL shipping only. He will be tweeting about these sometime soon, so grab one ASAP if you want one.

    Edit: All gone, as of 4 July.

  • For info on delivery times, my PinePhone Community Edition ordered on April 2nd and classic non dhl shipment, arrived at my home today in France. ☀ 🌈

  • @domubpkm
    Just for my knowledge, as i live in France too, how many did it cost you including non-DHL shipping?

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