Critics get deleted / locked / sent to off-topic

  • Any critic discussion about the actual state of the MUA in the UBports project is either just deleted, locked or sent to off-topic. I will think about if my active participation in this forum makes any sense.


  • @guru that's not true at all. You have been told that you can't do that in a Q&A thread, that's all.

    The same Forum rules apply to everyone: any topic has to be posted in the proper Category. A pretty easy rule to follow, don't you think? 😉

    • the discussion on dekko in the QA thread was stopped as its not the right place to have discussions, but your question whether ut needs a mua core app still stands there, so thats okay isn't it?
    • the Geary one has clearly gone offtopic, therefore was closed with a kind request to discuss it in a thread with an appropriate name. Its not easy to keep a forum tidy and moderation is generally a hard job, so please be lenient.
    • I don't see moving topics to offtopic as a bad thing. If they don't fit into the other categories they go there - so what...? I'm pretty sure they will be read there as much as in the other categories. At least I'm reading all your posts, no matter where they are. 😉

    @advocatux oh I have been far to slow 🙂

  • @hummlbach you've explained it way better than me 👍 😁

  • As the one who closed the topic I thought my explination was clear.

    • The discussion on Geary had reached a closed point. That ended that thread in App Dev

    • The second half of the thread was of topic and there are open threads to discuss them.

    • Finally the option was given to carry on the MUA topic. Then bring it back to another Forum Topic when ready.

    The best section for that currently is Off Topic as it is for subjects that don't fit into any others. In is not a lesser category for that.
    Lastly nobody is being censored blocked or edited out of the conversation. We are just trying to keep every subject on topic, relevant and in the right place.
    We are all here because we want to develope, improve and move forward all aspects of Ubuntu Touch and Ubports. Lets get on with that and continue Ubports development.

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