Proposal for a Telegram Stickers Project

  • Hi @Josele13,
    I'm in:

    • UBports UX & Graphics
    • UBports Supergroup
    • Ubports ITALIANO
      with the same username used in this forum.
      But I'm not a pro. If you zoom the original svg you will probably find dozens of small error and inaccuracies. My luck is that the stickers are quite small so probably nobody will notice 😁

  • Infrastructure

    @Aury88 so here is the official answer:

    • While the basic shape of Yumi is licensed CC-BY-SA by Marius, the embedded circle-of-friends logo is (c) by Canonical
    • You have to look up yourself if it is free for private and intended use, I really don´t know this.
    • In theory if it is not free you need a written permission by Canonical to stick it on Yumi.
    • UBports has such an agreement and therefore we are fine 😉
    • You will not have to license every sticker of course.

    So there are chances that you might be able to use the circle of friends for noncommerical use and it´s even in the context of our project. But nobody could tell what Canonical is up to and I would be careful asking them about such things 😉

    BR Florian

  • @Flohack Thank you for the answer.
    considering that nobody could tell what Canonical is up to with its trademark and that I prefer avoid all the canonical involvement and trademark implications now remain open only few possibilities:
    A ) give all the pack to UBports Foundation (that will decide if and how to use them) so this remain inside the ubports agreements with canonical
    B ) remove/substitute all the circle of friends from the stickers, infringing the Ubports mascot design guidelines but avoiding the canonical trademark implications.
    C ) avoiding upload and use the stickers (for me it would not be a waste of time, I still enjoyed doing them)

    Even considering the circle of friend question resolved, the question with the ubports trademark on the rest of yumi remains open ... the cc-BY-SA references probably would be lost in a sticker pack unless we decide to insert the string " CC-BY-SA by Marius Gripsgård" in each sticker image or name in this way the sticker pack😕
    but here it's quite late so I'll think about it after a good night's sleep
    good night and sweet dreams.

  • Infrastructure

    @Aury88 read this: - I think you will find all answers and also maybe its a good idea to just ask them. If they never answer you have at least asked ^^

  • @Flohack
    done. Didn't expect was so easy to contact their IPRights Policy office.

  • Administrators

    One point i want to add, is that we might want to remove the "Ubuntu logo" since for this exact reason we are limited. Things that we want to include yumi on might be approved each time, like if we want to have it on the pinephone for example. We also want to move into debian and other distros, so a removal of the logo would be a good move in my opinion.

    Yumi itself can be used by anyone, that was one of the main point when it was made, but i see now adding the ubuntu logo was a mistake.

  • Maybe time for a new design thread for a Yumi badge. If one is needed at all.

  • @Lakotaubp UBports badge would be cool 😉

  • @mariogrip I already thought about that 😛 😂
    this is my B plan (circle of friend substitution) with a my old symbol waiting for an UBports Foundation official logo to be selected
    UBports badge.png

  • @Aury88 Thought that might start some ideas off so started a new thread here if you want to put ideas there. Have fun.

  • I must sign a "Trademark Licence Agreement for Ubuntu" in order to use their logo in the sticker. But there are some points in it I don't understand.
    for example:
    "License grant. Canonical grants to you a non-exclusive licence to use the Trademark as described in Exhibit A to: (i) promote Ubuntu, (ii) participate in the Ubuntu community, or (iii) contribute to the Ubuntu community....."
    but with the sticker I'm "promoting" another community/project independent from ubuntu

    "Restrictions. You may not do any of the following without Canonical's prior written consent: [...] use the Trademark in conjunction with any other name, word, logo, or symbol, (iii) ...."
    so seems I can't use ubuntu logo in conjunction with the Yumi image ( it can be defined another logo, or symbol) until I ask (another) written consent

    "Trademark Statement. You agree to include the following disclaimer, or similar wording, where appropriate: “Ubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Limited and is used with the permission of Canonical Limited. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Canonical Limited or the Ubuntu project."
    that is impossible to do in the sticker pack

    so I think it is a no-go for my use of ubuntu logo on the yumi sticker.

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