Removal of account and posts

  • Is there a way in the profile settings to remove the account and all own posts?

  • Hello guru
    I don't know but someone will certainly answer you.
    I hope removing someone's posts is not possible as it would create unconsistancy in the threads.
    Morevover, you have posted some messages I consider interesting.
    What is often possible on forums is that the nickname of leaving users is replaced by "guest".
    Best regards

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    There's a Delete Account button on the "Edit Profile" page, although I wouldn't recommend deleting your account.

  • Hello
    What interests me are the ideas, it is always enriching, that they come from all the people in this forum regardless of their degree of competence (you, you have a lot of experience) and involvement.
    You bring interesting ideas and solutions that always lead to reflection.
    I have some computer knowledge but a very limited ubuntu background (but I like the Ubuntu Touch approach), however I read you with pleasure and interest.
    It would be a shame to deprive the forum of your contribution.

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