Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name

  • Hi all,

    Following the various telegram groups the questions below have been asked a couple of times. But no real answer is given. And as telegram messages disappear in time I thought I will ask these questions here, so we can more broadly share our thoughts.

    All the questions come down to the projects Branding.

    1. Are we allowed to keep the Ubuntu name? Does Canonical approve.
      1a. If no, what will we change it in? And how fast...
      1b. If yes, do we want to keep it? or change it and how fast.

    2. What do we use as a project logo?
      2a. is there an "official" one?
      2a-i Is this the device logo with the half hidden Ubuntu logo?
      2a-ii Is this the robot that supposedly would only be used as an installer bot logo
      2b shall we let someone come up with a few new ones and vote for one?

    3. UBports as a project name derives from Ubuntu as well, is we don't keep that name, do we change the projects name as well?

  • @Fuchur
    not so easy.. lot of names are with copyright.
    As example the name 'no name'.

    i vote for upbortbintu (litle bit long 😞 i know )

    1. Aside Canonical allowing us to use the name or a derivative I feel for an own brand. It will make the project/product a lot more unique and recognisable. And as such a change is never "easy" it should be thought through properly. But if this has been done should be excecuted as fast as possible after.

    2. I like the devices part of the logo, but in line with Q1 we should at least replce the ubuntu logo with something of our own. Or design a completely new logo. The Robot IMHO does not bring anything to the table. Its half android bot, half teletubbie / Wall-e.

    3. No real opinion here. But would "merge" it with the OS name I think.

  • I would probably favor creating something brand new, but the Ubuntu name could be leveraged when selling the convergence features of the OS, such as using the phone to drive a PC monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    If the name was totally changed, I would imagine the need to move away from the Unity desktop environment for the desktop element.

    If the project is eventually a success, would you imagine it would be reinstated as an official Ubuntu project, or would you rather branch out into your own thing due to their lack of faith?

    Do we feel close to the Ubuntu community, or abandoned? Do we feel a strong tie to their brand, ethic and development style, or do we want to found something new and unique to maybe inject a bit of excitement into the mobile operating system space?

    Or maybe make it so that the OS can be branded by the OEM, like Sailfish is doing?

  • Conanical announc that they were "Killing" the project, so to me it will be good to find a new name so this project is not associat with a dead one. Also generally when you fork something you found it a new name!

    For the logo I got no probleme with the UBports' one. But I generally think linux is miss some Tux. Should have more Tux.

    For the logo and the name I don't think we should keep an unbuntu thing.

    Also I found this to help XD

  • @Aurze Yeah actually maybe leveraging the Linux brand rather than the Ubuntu brand would be a good idea. I think Linux has a lot of goodwill associated with it, and hearing "Linux" instantly means "community supported", "open source" and "ethical"... At least it does to me!

  • Quoting from the Telegram supergroup:

    We are within the fair use guidelines outlined by Canonical.

    According to the Canonical’s IPRights Policy, there is no proibition against using a "UB-" prefix, which anyway doesn't necessarily imply an endorsement or an affiliation with Canonical. The goal of UBports is to make Ubuntu running on as many smartphone/tablet devices as possible, so we are really within the fair usage of the trademark, as we are part of the Ubuntu community.

    "As long as there is no commercial use" (quote from Canonical's IP) we likely won't have any trouble.

    The only problem that could be raised in future is our reference to the "Ubuntu Touch" project.
    What we are currently shipping is exactly the same code Canonical wrote, so I don't expect any problem with this for now.

    If things will change in future, we can simply rename our project as "UBports Touch" or "UBports OS". I don't see such pressure for changing this yet - just my opinion.

  • @CyberAly Agree and Conanical have the habit not to go with the community but their own way (Mir, Bazaar, Launchpad...) And it look like we are going the community way (Wayland, git, Github...) wich is a great thing. So yeah I personnaly prefer to push the Linux brand thant the Ubuntu one.

  • I'd honestly prefer we stick with something like "UBPorts Touch", and keep the robot logo.

  • Banned

    My 10 cents would be to change that name asap. UBports is awful name for os. And that robot reminds too much of a Android.

    Perhaps something like Change OS Since things are about to change 🙂

    We would already have theme song for that 😃

    Or simply call it Touch OS

    Pourquoi pas l'appeler par exemple "Linux Touch" pour quitter vraiment le nom créé par canonical ou ubtouch pour avoir le début de ubports une façon d'avoir leur signature car c'est grace à eux que l'on continue Ubuntu. Merci à l'équipe et tous ceux qyi rendent ce monde plus libre

    Why not call it for example "Linux Touch" to really leave the name created by canonical or ubtouch to have the beginning of ubports a way to have their signature because it is thanks to them that we continue Ubuntu. Thanks to the team and all those who make this world more free

  • I am for keeping with Ubuntu Touch unless Canonical forbids to. Why?

    1. This OS is still Ubuntu. It is what Canonical created, but taken further without them.
    2. Ubuntu Touch will not be associated with the OS that died. If it survives and gains traction, it will be associated OS that was so good that community has been keeping it alive after its initial creators abandoned it.

    Ubuntu is recognizable. Don't go for a new name or many people not involved before will just see an abstract, unrecognizable name.

    Oui, je tout à fait d'accord Ubuntu Touch doit durer mais si canonical demande de changer le nom. 😱

    Yes, I totally agree Ubuntu Touch should last but if canonical asks to change the name. 😱

  • At the moment, the project has identified itself as ubports: this site, the github repos, the patreon page, it's always "ubports".
    I think that if we want to move constructively, we should take one step at a time and instead of immediately proposing new names, decide whether we want to keep "ubports" or change. If we decide to change, then we'll have a chance to think of a different name.

    As for myself, I'm all for changing. "ubports" is just a nightmare to pronounce, and to most people (even geeks) it means nothing -- the link to Ubuntu is far from being evident. Besides, the "ports" suffix reminds of porting, but the project now has grown into something considerably bigger than that: it's a full O.S. which we'll be maintaining ourselves.

  • @mardy I say it "you bee ports" but maybe other people don't. Without knowing its association with Ubuntu, perhaps one would be tempted to say "ubb ports" or "you ba ports" or something.

    Maybe bringing the Ubuntu name back into it as much as possible is a good thing since Ubuntu is already well known. It's like getting a headstart on good PR instead of starting from scratch.

  • @CyberAly I am a bit opposed against emphasizing Ubuntu in the name. TBH Canonical let us all down, and now we should give them free advertisment for their name? Nah I dont like this. We are not affiliated with them, and on th elong run I want some distance here....


  • @Flohack But equally, they funded most of the work so far on the operating system... But then of course we get to the whole open source debate, legally speaking there's no issue building on what they've provided.

  • @CyberAly There is no particular issue in building an OS upon what they have created, like ElementaryOS or Linux Mint did (well, in the LM case there have been a few).

    But we can't use their name to promote ourselves. That's set in stone in their policies.
    The most we can bring the Ubuntu name back is to keep that "ub-" prefix. Any usage of "ubuntu" or "-buntu" suffix is strictly forbidden. Using a "u-" prefix is not explicitly forbidden, but Canonical has already moved actions against such usage in the past.

    It could be possible to ask Canonical to make "Ubports OS" an official flavour, but I can't see any real advantage in doing this. UBports would probably have to accept certain restrictions (e.g. in governance, I suspect), just for using the "Ubuntu" name. It is not worth, in my opinion.

    UBports has already had a discrete coverage on the internet, so I don't believe they should completely wipe their current name away, at least for what concerns their team.

    However - and I think it's a shared feeling here - the OS should really get its own brand and identity in future. To clarify my previous words, in case of emergency "UBports OS/Touch" could still be a valid fallback solution.


    Pourquoi pas UT-OS ou Touch-OS, nous aimons tous Ubuntu et c'est pour cette raison que l'on a fait confiance à UT (abréviation que nous employons souvent 😜). Maintenant on ne sait pas vraiment si Canonical voudrai bien nous faire don de ce nom (Ubuntu Touch). Mème si celà les rapproche de nous par le biais du nom, les gens feront la différence entre UT et Ubuntu de bureau. Cananical nous à mis l'eau à la bouche (expression française) pour nous la retirer ensuite, ils peuvent nous faire ce cadeau pour des passionnés qui sont toujours fidèle à Ubuntula. 🤓
    Why not UT-OS or Touch-OS, we all love Ubuntu and that's why we trusted UT (abbreviation that we often use 😜). Now we do not really know if Canonical would like to give us this name (Ubuntu Touch). Even if it brings them closer to us through the name, people will make the difference between UT and Ubuntu office. Cananical we put in the mouth (French expression) to withdraw us then they can make us this gift for enthusiasts who are always loyal to Ubuntula. 🤓

  • @Locamama
    but it should be not a to cool awesome name !
    all linux distros with too coooool names are death... examples : libranet bogus yggdrassil...;)

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