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  • @syper I was setting up spotify with this guide: It works very fine. Just the mopidy Libertine app shows only up in the old Desktop App Scope, but not in the Launcher Modular. Any way to fix this? I really love the Launcher Modular, don't want to go back 😉

  • @savetier we are going to watch

  • @syper
    i also experienced lags with launcher modular as default. it was an overall performace drop of the phone: battery drops faster than expected, some apps were almost unusable (too slow, or crashes...). for instance I couldn't navigate anymore in the forum web app, because of crashes . I went back to default and the use is now smooth again.
    congrats for the good work anyway!

  • @syper same as glimenez, on Nexus 5, mainly the scroll but I return to default launcher.
    On a Meizu MX4 it works fine 😉

  • @saveurlinux @gimenez

    Ok thank you for your feedback. I come back to you when I have something new.

  • @syper +1

  • Nice launcher, very cool and promising. In future I expected more scopes (such as music scope, near by scope, videos scope etc.)
    Now on my nexus 5 with last update (16.04 OTA-10) my battery drain very fast even if I don't use my nexus 5. My picture scope don't show photos, when I touch on photos. Otherwise here are screenshots of modular launcher on my phone. looks very cool...
    1ub.jpg 2ub.jpg 3ub.jpg 4ub.jpg 5ub.jpg

  • @syper said in Launcher Modular:

    @saveurlinux @gimenez

    Ok thank you for your feedback. I come back to you when I have something new.


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kalco-utouch Hi, I am deleting these images because they appear to be showing some of your personnel info in detail. That's not a good move on any public forum. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of the work put into this app by it's developers

  • @Lakotaubp OK , thanks

  • @syper I have installed this app and when you put it by default it is installed in there any way to install it in Spanish ?

  • @ricardo65 it's a bug we're trying to fix. Sorry

  • @syper said in Launcher Modular:

    @ricardo65 it's a bug we're trying to fix. Sorry


  • Hello!
    strange observation...
    I use launch modular by defauflt.
    when i'm opening launch modular icon, my phone (bq e5) is getting faster!
    like an overclocking!?

  • @Vlatenlin said in Launcher Modular:

    strange observation...
    I use launch modular by defauflt.
    when i'm opening launch modular icon, my phone (bq e5) is getting faster!
    like an overclocking!?

    weird ...

  • This is absolutely amazing!

    I know its not finished, but I do have a few suggestions.

    • The weather widget asks for you to configure it, which is fine, however, some people wont want to have to sign up to get an API key, if someone wants the weather, they'll have to, but if they don't care about the weather app, it just looks a bit awkward, so it'd be nice to be able to remove it, which is part of my next suggestion.

    • Customization, this launcher, makes me think of a more advanced version of the OnePlus swipe to the left launcher thing, you can move the widgets around to where ever you want, you can extend widgets, or make them smaller, you can add notes (For example the todo "scope" for lack of better term, could just be a widget on the home screen) you can even add media widgets for play and pausing media, its not necessary since you can do that in your indicator or notification menu, but some people do use widgets for this, so it'd be nice to be able to do that, so basically, the ability to have smaller versions of the "scopes" that have seperate pages" and more intractable widgets.

    • Tapping on contacts faces, it flips over and quickly gives you a call or text option, depending on scale, this could be tricky to tap the right one accurately, in my opinion, I think tapping the contact should open the app its from, if the contact is from contacts, open that, if its from telegram, open the teleports app on that user, etc, and I think that if you long hold, it should then it should bring a pop up, like the one that you get from holding down on applications, with "Name" (which when tapped would take you to contacts) then select-able options (depending on what app they're from) would be SMS/Message, Call, Video Call, then another separator for removing from favorites.

    • When you do hold down on a app, you get a pop up, which is good, but I think it'd be good to go with the same design as the one in the dock/launcher, which gives you options to unpin and the such.

    • I personally am not a fan of the bottom bit of the UI, it's always there, and the pull up menu in my PO, doesn't look great, I think what would be nice, is if the menu with the little icons for scopes like home and the such, should auto hide, and then a small swipe up would bring it up, a longer swipe up would then bring up the "manage page" and the "configure launcher" icon/option would be in the top right of that page, right next to the + button.

    • If you tap the title of a certain section such as "Favourite contacts" it would be nice if it expanded, this could be just to show all your favourite contacts on one screen, or to expand to show all of your contact, but your favourite are segregated to the top, like how the app scope used to, I think it's important from a UX standpoint that this is more of an expansion of the block then opening a new page, so for example, it could work like androids folders where you only see the first icon, you tap it, it expands outwards to show you the content of the folder.

    Not quite a suggestion, but are there plans to try and bring more apps/sources in, like old scopes did? JW because I think the gallery scope where it had your pictures at the top, then pictures from your instagram feed, then under that was fb pictures, really helps customize your phone to you, and adds something new to look at every time you opened your phone.

    This could be something that developers expand on with things like creating a reddit widget that will show you the latest few posts from your front page, or from a specific reddit sub-reddit, a homepage like this, would make it look uniquely Ubuntu Touch from a UI standpoint, but would make everyone's homescreen unique, interesting, and personal, which is something I loved about scopes.

    Sorry if I'm going on to much, and overloading you guys with to many suggestions, I'm only giving so much feedback, because I love it, and am excited for this launchers future, because it looks so amazing, and I love it, and I'm really impressed with it!

    This is some great work and you guys should be patting yourselves on the back, thank you for putting so much time and effort into it, its greatly appreciated!


    I don't want ubuntu touch to mimic this UI/UX to much, however, it was a great launcher for Android, and you might get some inspiration for how to improve, or what features you could add to the launcher.

    (I like the idea of a different background under the weather, date clock, and the idea of having a "profile picture" for your home screen even if it has little purpose other than personalization.)

  • @PhoenixLandPirat

    First of all thank you for your message!
    In your suggestions I already see things that will be integrated because already on our "to do".

    So that I can handle all these requests you would have to make separate requests on the launcher's git:

    more precisely on this page:

    Thank you again for this great return and I invite everyone to do the same.

  • @syper (apparently) under edge it's not longer possible to set the Launcher Modular as default Launcher.
    Will that be possible again in the future?

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