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  • hello everyone ! I meant to answer an old thread here but was proposed to create a new one. I wondered if gps actually works in UT, and if so, to what extent. It doesn't on my FP2. I understand it's a known, unsolved issue, that used to have a fix consisting in a change of provider (from wolfclue to sth else). if I run "$ ps aux | grep [l]ocation-service | grep provider" it appears I have no provider at all (hence cannot use that fix), but test_gps does find my coordinates. Now my question is: is it linked to ut being in a constant gps "cold state" (having to permanently fetch all satellites position to get first position) in which case will I get any position at all if I do wait 15 mn ? Or is it FP2 specific and other devices handle Gps without too much hassle ? If so, I would like to understand how gps works in ut. many thanks !

  • @Emphrath

    I don't know the details about the FP2, but yes first fix is always very long.
    A way to workaround this issue is to prevent suspension and let it wait near a window for tens of minutes until the first fix is acquired.

    I use pure maps and force a navigation between two favorite places.
    When navigating, the default setting in Pure Maps is to force the screen on.
    You can also disable the auto lock feature in the system settings and use any GPS app to get your position.

    Once the position is acquired it should be better until next reboot.

  • @AppLee alright !! thank you

  • Hi all! Sorry for a bit of an off-topic, but I've already seen several mentions of this 'test_gps' utility in different topics on this forum. Could you please explain what that is and how to acquire it?

  • @pglushkov The tool is part of libhybris, the layer that connects the Android parts with Ubuntu. To run it, you can either use terminal-app or better, enable developer mode and use adb shell to connect to your device.

    Then use sudo test_gps to start the test. It will start printing strange informations, but eventually you will see a list of satellites, and after some minutes hopefully it will also print longitude and latitude somewhere in this lines.

  • @Flohack thank you very much for the explanation! So it should basically be available in every Ubuntu Touch device from the terminal? (on device or via mtp)

  • @pglushkov said in GPS situation:

    (on device or via mtp)

    It is available on most UT devices because of libhybris.
    It is available via adb shell or ssh, MTP is to expose the default data folder to your host computer.
    And yes it's also available on the device using the terminal app.

    Finally to be more accurate I should mention that both adb and ssh are technically on device.

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