Ubuntu Touch Q&A Saturday 4th Of April At 19:00 UTC

  • Hello! I can't play any video (mp4/MOV) on my device (Fairphone, level RC version 70). Will be solved this annoying problem before OTA 12 release? Thanks!

  • @LlamasJM
    @UBportsNews said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A Saturday 4th Of April At 19:00 UTC:

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered.

  • According to ongoing switching Nexus 5 to Halium 7.1 (see https://forums.ubports.com/topic/3777/call-for-testing-nexus-5-hammerhead-owners/2) I just wonder which improvement will this bring to the device and if there's a GitHub link where we can follow the development advancement.

  • given that the old version of qtwebengine is really holding back stuff like video conferencing, any chance that the existing patch will be backported to OTA12?

  • wondering if there is an update in the works for our bellowed, but pretty outdated Morph browser? ( apparently Chromium 65 at moment ) some banks won't accept such out of date browser to bank online. Keep up GREAT WORKS GUYS. THANK YOU.

  • What exactly about webgel for UT? Can it potentially support it at this point of UT's development? If not, at what point? Can it be integrated on all phones?

  • @domubpkm this was answered before. The embedded browser framework qtwebengine that UT is using only recently added support for that and only with Wayland. UT still uses a pretty old version of it and all ports except maybe the PinePhone are not using Wayland yet. So it will be some time before WebGL or any other form of GPU accelerated browser will be available for most phones I think.

  • Sorry only a casual observer here (I have flashed an old N4 a few years back) mainly because I haven't had a device to test with, even though I listen to every Q&A almost as soon as it is released!

    I am looking to setup UT on a RPi, but am wondering if there is any support difference in running it on a Pi3 v Pi4? I will have a spare RPi3 soon, but I assume it will run better on a RPi4 (if it is supported)? I will have access to a RPi 7" touch screen to use with it.

    The documentation is a bit sparse on how to set it up: https://gitlab.com/ubports/community-ports/raspberrypi (in fact basically absent) so can you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work! Greetings from Ethiopia.

  • @Lakotaubp Thank you! Do you or others know if it is appropriate to add this link to the gitlab README.md at https://gitlab.com/ubports/community-ports/raspberrypi

  • Update on RPi: Thanks to the link from @Lakotaubp I have followed the guide and now am running UT on a RPi 3. However, I am stuck at the "select your timezone" screen because even though ethernet is connected nothing is recognized when I try variations on "Chicago". It seems as if there is no ethernet activity. I submitted a post about this issue under the RPi section of the forum.

  • The Volla Phone was announced for fall with two operating systems (UT and Volla OS - based on Andoid).

    1. Will there be similar difficulties with the installation of UT as with other Android phones because the hardware was designed for an Android? Or will there not be such difficulties because the hardware was designed differently (like the Pine Phone)?

    2. Will UT be the "original" or a modified version, as indicated in Q&A 63?

  • The RPi Telegram group helped me out https://t.me/UBports_pi Between blind clicks, pressing tab, pressing enter, the "Next" box became active and I could move forward 🙂

  • Did Pine64 share how many Ubports Community Edition PinePhones they plan to produce?
    Does it depend on the number of pre-orders they get?

    I am wondering since the BraveHeart batch didn't seem to fly off the shelves; for good reasons, but still...

  • Do you know anything about Astro Slide project from Planets Computers?
    what do you think? are you already in contact with them?

  • We all hope that Ubuntu Touch will continue its success and be much more widely used in the not-so-far future. With this comes the risk of becoming a relevant target for whomever wants to spread malicious functionality to other people's smartphones. How are you guys approaching the security topic? How does Ubports make sure that nobody smuggles anything into the distributed binaries (I am referring to the OS and core apps here - not so much the app store). Do ideas like reproducible builds come up during your conversations on this?

    To avoid misunderstandings: I am a noob in the security domain and there is no critique whatsoever hidden in my question. It is just something which came to my mind when contemplating on the recent successes of the project (Ubports Foundation, Pinephone, Volla, ...).

  • Yesterday Marius shared some images of Lomiri desktop. How should developers interested in contributing to "desktop" get involved?

  • I know we currently don't use systemd. But do you guys have an opinion on using systemd-homed for the phone? Do you think it would add value to it and you it increase it security the way it can encrypt the home folder?

  • I just got Ubuntu Touch running on an old Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and the process was really smooth, so great work on that! I am trying to programmatically turn on and off the display. I realized it was not running X so tried looking at Mir and Unity8 documentation but it's not clear how I can do that, compared to xset dpms force on/off in X.

  • @adevhasnoname Can you please remember in future there is no need to post your question twice it will not get answered any quicker. As this is the q&a thread I'm not going to remove this one or the one in support this time.

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