New to UBPorts : Nexus 5 or PinePhone

  • Hello everyone ! I'm new to the UBPorts community, but i use ubuntu as my daily desktop OS. I'm highly interested in helping the developement of UBPorts... but i don't really know where i would be useful : i don't have any particular dev skill, i'm just a kind of "tech enthusiast" : i like to get involded into things technical even if i understand almost nothing ! 😅 Maybe translation (yes, i'm french, that's why my english is awful ^^'), or testing... I'm going to think about it ! But in every cases, nice to meet you !

    So, basically, i just want to change my actual android phone for a linux phone. But i have a question, which one is better for me at the moment : a pinephone or a nexus 5 ? Techspecs are not so far from each other, i don't need a powerful phone with many apps, and i'm not afraid of being stuck on secondary things : i just want my phone to have voice calls and texting, and a small access to mails/web.

    In my mind the nexus 5 is old and the pinephone is a kind of "solution for the future", cause i don't want to have to change my phone in a few months : i'm ready to wait for others features... And i have a little preference for the PP (global look, USB C, screen, more recent...)

    So, basically, is the nexus 5 going to be "abandoned" soon by the devs, and the PP going to be unusable in the next months (only for the texting/voice/web things) ? Is the PP a bad choice for very basic daily use ?

    Thank you !

  • Hi french mate.

    I must say that if you can wait a little more with your androïd phone you'd rather buy a Pinephone as it is open source drived hardware and full gnu/linux distro on it, you get rid of any androïd remains with it, so you will have updates for a long term with it.

    It's still experimental WIP and maybe not already suitable for daily use, but in one month or two...

    Nexus 5 is past, Pinephone is futur, definitely.

  • Thanks @Keneda ! You confirmed my doubts ! I definitely agree with you. I think i will buy a Pinephone soon, and i'll wait patiently for updates !! And i'll try it as a second phone for the moment ! Thank you for you answer !

  • @ElieHs PinePhone UBports UT images have already get OTA feature. So it will be very easy to update from the moment you receive it. Definitely, for your needs, it's good choice.

    À noter que pour discuter en français à ce sujet, il existe un groupe telegram dédié :

  • @ElieHs
    Yes, as @libremax mentioned there is a telegram group and a bridge to Matrix too.

    I have both devices and I can say that of course N5 is more mature.
    But bluetooth is better supported on the PinePhone due to its recent kernel.

    There's also the price. My N5 cost me 2 years ago more than the PinePhone.
    There are pre-orders for the PinePhone, so need to wait and I guess the OS version will mostly be daily driver ready regarding your requirements.

    The main difference IMO is the screen size. Which you may prefer small or big.
    The PinePhone is obviously new and the N5 will be used, in that regard I'll also choose the PinePhone.

    And as you mentioned you can sit on the PinePhone until you find the latest update to be daily driver grade for you.

  • Hi @libremax and @AppLee ! Thanks for your precious advices ! I think i will follow them. Thank you, il will let you know what choice i've made. Thank you again !!

  • @ElieHs
    Appart from the N5/Pinephone discussion

    There are many ways to help, see here:

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