Ubuntu Touch Q&A 76 Saturday 23rd Of May At 19:00 UTC

  • QT 5.15 is planned for release next week and has been announced as the next LTS.
    After OTA-13 is out, given QT 5.9 is supported in standard until 2020-05-31, do you plan to move to QT 5.15.x (or 5.12.x) before walking carefully toward the huge Ubuntu 20.04 migration ?

  • In the TODO list of OTA 13 there is the migration to QtWebEngine 5.14 which is based on chromium 77. Does this mean that at that point Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will be supported ion Ubuntu Touch? thank you

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  • @PhoenixLandPirat
    Right now, i`m using bq aquaris 4.5 as my daily driver with UT. My previous smartphone was Iphone. In iOS the call starts immediately after the pushing the call icon, no confirmation in phone app is needed. When you compare the mistaken tapped and valid tapped when you want to call, it is 1 to 50, maybe 1 to 100, i dont know. Maybe it could be optional.

  • ❓ In recent months/weeks has there been a noticeable interest from devs in UT that you have personally observed and has that interest transformed into actual participation in the project (particularly on the OS code base side of things)? Or is it a case of "we still need more devs"? Thanks.

  • Concerning Xperia X, I have understood channel "16.04/community/fredldotme/devel" is 32 bits.
    Are there any plan to migrate to 64 bits ?

  • @christophe14 You can switch to 16.04/arm64/edge channel instead to get arm64 rootfs.

  • @dobey I have heard edge channel was more unstable than development channel.

  • @christophe14 B
    Bit off topic for here. However channels are stable, RC and Dev going up in risk level. Edge is normally worse in risk level. Except on devices still in development where Edge is the only available version so is the latest working version as there is no stable etc available.

  • @christophe14

    As i undertood order is the following Edge > Dev > RC > Stable
    So yes, Edge is the place where things are tested for the first time.

  • lomiri in ubuntu unity remix is considered the long-term plan to replace old packages and technologies that will probably no longer be supported in the future (xorg, compiz etc) and maintain an unity7 like UX. To do so that project will have to introduce features not currently avaible in lomiri, since, in order for the transition to take place, they first want to achieve a features parity.
    I ask you the question since you are the ones with the most knowledge of the code: how difficult is it to add features such as global menu, progress bars / notification bubble in launchbar etc.?

    Hoping that all the changes converge on the same code, how will you avoid that those useful functions in the desk environment but uncomfortable in a smartphone or vice versa ruining the UX on the devices for which those features are not designed?

    last but not least, what skills and knowledge does it take to modify lomiri?

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  • @Aury88 said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 76 Saturday 23rd Of May At 19:00 UTC:

    I ask you the question since you are the ones with the most knowledge of the code: how difficult is it to add features such as global menu, progress bars / notification bubble in launchbar etc.?

    All of these listed features already exist, I'm pretty sure. Teleports utilizes the count bubble on launcher already for example. Global menu messing with indicators a bit was also part of the reason OTA-12 took a bit longer.

  • Hi

    I would like to volunteer to help go over and edit the porting documentation and get it up to date. Problem is, I have insufficient knowledge to do this all on my own, but I thought if someone would care to point out what is out of date and what needs to be revised +explain a bit, I would be more than happy to do the writing and editing. (Maybe it could even help me overcome some obstacles I am experiencing myself in my current porting efforts.)


  • Hi @aribk. Great! Yeah the porting docs could use some help. It's hard to have that list of what needs to be worked on. In some ways finding this out is precisely the kind of help the docs would need 🙂 Some thoughts: I am aware that a lot of info is missing, I am not aware that anything is out of date (ie. should be removed), but if you know some, do speak up! Otherwise, it is probably best to start from problems you had with your own port, since this is an area you spend much time with and there are probably not many others, so you're the sole subject matter expert. Another sore point I see are the various pads flying around. They are great for ad hoc collection of knowledge but there are not a great tool for keeping knowledge up to date. Another one are the newer halium revisions. Sorry to rant so long here in the questions thread. Happy to continue the conversation elsewhere (tg, forum thread..)

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  • @Lakotaubp can we not mention the telegram group if it is not open for anyone to join?

    @doniks I tried joining, but got kicked out) 🙂

  • @enrolado @Lakotaubp

    Upsies 🙂 I'll DM you both to sort this out

  • I've been testing the PinePhonee for quite awhile now, but am still having one problem: Is there a trick to placing a phone call? I'm using an image I downloaded last weekend, which I updated, (apt update && apt upgrade), and I'm using T-Mobile, which I hear is a good carrier to use with the PinePhone. I can receive calls, but when I try to place a call, it returns: Call Failed.

    Many thanks

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