Futify (spotify client) need beta testers

  • found the repo looking through qml projects on github a couple weeks ago so i've been following in secret 🙂 i will say, so far so good, keep up the great work!

  • I would like to thank you for your effort and work creating this. I've just registered myself on spotify (free account) but I can't manage to log-in in Futify, it just stays in the main screen. Do I need to use a Premium account?
    Running on my N5.

  • Same problem here with arm64 version OP3, stuck at login page with free account. Account works on website on laptop though website doesn't render properly on morph.

  • @malditobastardo and @Lakotaubp yes sorry but I use librspot and it is not compatible with free account! I need to add a warning somewhere...

  • @manland Thanks for letting us know.

  • @manland you can publish. Thanks.

  • Hi! I will try your app with great pleasure! How did you build it, does Spotify provide an official API? And can song be stored to be played offline?

  • @Fla Hi thanks for your interest! I use librspot it's not officially supported by spotify but community is strong and lot of client has been done with that (I love the raspberry device manageable by official spotify apps)!

    Technically all songs are stored locally to be streamed to player... So all songs can be stored to be played offline! I will work on that asap 😉

  • A little update to thanks all of you 😍

    Thank you @ernest to let me know arm64 build work!

    Thank you Lars Eich (sorry don't know your username here) for this amazing logo logo.png

    Thank you @wdehoog for your time on media-hub which is a lot used by futify, to let me know offline mode can be a legal problem and all your tips about sound on ubtouch 😉

    Many thanks for all of you testing this app and all your feedback! Please continue I love that ♥

  • I don't really use Spotify and only has a free account but if this gets to the store, I might register a premium account 🙂
    I created an Instagram account to test Instagraph on UT 😃

    So when do you think it'll be ready for the store release?

  • @kugiigi Hahaha I need to share your post to spotify, if they get users with futify maybe they will accept I do an offline mode 😅

    Before store in need to:

    • Do a really true home (now the first page display nothing ☺ )
    • Manage media-hud correctly (for now the image is not displayed)
    • Add account/setting and/or about pages
    • of course debug...

    After that the app will go to the store. It's the plan but it's change every day 😰

    During this time trying it with ut-tweak is really simple. Just download click package and install it!

  • There was a bug in Media-Hub that caused the image not to be displayed. I think there's even a PR waiting, but I am not in the position to check at the moment...

  • Little update!

    New settings page, about page and lot of bug fixes 🎉

    Please test it with latest build

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your work! I just tested Futify and it seems like you're on the right track.

    Could you edit your first post so that either your direct link to last armhf is updated (to the latest build), either you don't give this link.
    I had read the whole topic and knew that you had released an update, but as I'm not really used to Gitlab and as the version number is the same, I installed the app from your link. I noticed that I missed all your improvements, so I installed it again from Gitlab.

    I have submitted an issue on Gitlab, but the main problem for me is that the queue isn't working properly. Sometimes there are songs in the queue but nothing is playing; sometimes when I listen to a song and want to listen to another one, it adds it on top in the queue but it doesn't play it and when I skip the song, the queue doesn't match songs anymore (the highlighted one is not the one playing). I am not sure if it's an issue I can submit, I have the feeling it's more general.
    If it helps, I'm using a Nexus 5, with OTA 12 (RC). I use the dark mode as you suggested.

    Thanks for all!

  • @chrisse can you test with last version here please? For the queue bug I think it's due to bad download file. Sometimes spotify refuse to start download but it happens 1 song on 100 for me not every time! I need to show errors in qml to let you (and other users) know what is wrong.

    In any case please don't hesitate to open an issue specially if you have a reproduction case! It will help me 😉

  • @manland said in Futify (spotify client) need alpha testers:

    @ernest I have finally sucessfully compiled an arm64 build \o/ Can you give it a try please? https://gitlab.com/frenchutouch/futify/-/jobs/573883662/artifacts/file/build/aarch64-linux-gnu/app/futify.frenchutouch_1.0.0_arm64.click If you can confirm it work I will do a PR to be able to build golang apps to arm64 ubtouch ^^

    Thank you for this. I tried the arm64 app on oneplus3 but I was not able to login. I checked the login from the web and it seems correct, but in Futify when I press login, then nothing seems to happen.

  • @joe Is the account the free one? that does not work it needs to be premium.

  • @Lakotaubp Thanks.. I figured that might be it. Indeed it was a free account.

  • awsome, so far seems to work great! thanks for making this 😃 ..now just need audible and i can leave my android home forever lol

    home page is blank, is it supposedto be? bit fddly usingthe play buttons at the top of the que list, but i wonder if home page is supposedto have a larger play interface?

  • i am confusedhow to play a playlist, first one i played, i hit the play button top right, and it started fine, selected a different playlist and hit play top right again, nothing happens, the playlist is qued, but it doesnt download or play

    actually it just crashed when i pressed play again 😃 .. sorry i cant access github to submit bug at the moment, i can drop logs here if you want ( let me know which)

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