Dekko 2 not showing email content

  • I am on update channel stable
    My OS is 16.04 (OTA-12), UBPorts-Image-Teil 20200507-19245
    Dekko 2 Version is 0.2.3 from 13.05.20

    I enabled logging and dekkod.log shows (this time it crashed when opening an email):
    [2936] Juni 20 14:08:24 [Warning] void QCopClient::connectToServer() QLocalSocket::ServerNotFoundError "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name"
    [2936] Juni 20 14:08:24 [Debug] MessageServer ctor begin
    [2936] Juni 20 14:08:24 [Debug] opening database
    [2936] Juni 20 14:08:24 [Debug] Registering service: "pop3" for account: 1
    [2936] Juni 20 14:08:24 [Debug] Registering service: "smtp" for account: 1

    Sending and receiving mails is working, but I can't read the emails, as the text section is just blank when opening the mail (when dekko is not crashing when opening the mail).

  • hi @herr-b, can you please clean the cache and setup the account again and try again? If the problem persists, please provide also the log of the app itself (~/.cache/upstart/application-click-dekko2.dekkoproject_dekko_0.2.3.log)

  • hi @hummlbach, I didn't find how to clean the cache, so I deleted the folder .cache/dekko2.dekkoproject but it did not work. I uninstalled dekko2 and deleted also the folder .config/dekko2.dekkoproject and after several intents dekko worked again. Now the text emails show content again, this is ok, but messages with pictures are completely empty, no text, no picture.

    In the file .config/dekko2.dekkoproject/dekkod.conf I changed [FileLog], [StdStreamlog] and [Syslog] to Enabled=1 but I have no file called application-click-dekko2.dekkoproject_dekko_0.2.3.log in the .cache/upstart folder.

  • The logging you've enabled is the one for dekkos background process. The actual app log (for the "foreground process") does not need to be enabled explicitly. No clue, why you have no log file... (But I think one or two other mentioned the same phenomenon (no app log)...)

    Have you allowed remote content in settings->email->privacy? Actually you should see at least some text and dekko should ask you whether you want to load remote content this time exceptionally (in an area on the top)... But lets see whether the behavior changes, once the setting is changed.

  • I have this problem for a very long time just with one mail account. I think it is a pop server.
    The other account is working fine (google imap).
    I can't see the mail-content on the pop account since upgrade to 16.04 i think, but due to changing the phone several times i'm not sure.
    Reinstalling or making everything from scratch does not work, i always thought i used a wrong setting.
    Could it be an issue with pop servers?

  • @htc_tattoo Can you change to your email providers imap settings I did this for one of mine and it works ok for me. Might be a work around as could never get setting right on pop.

  • Yes POP is known to be broken: (But the symptoms seem to be a bit different than described here?!?)

  • The workaround with IMAP seems to work! Thanks for the hint. My behaviour is described in the above linked issue
    by user JassMan23:

    On mine, it always downloads the header info but no messages. I remember that it did download the full emails when I first started using Dekko 18 months ago, but thereafter only downloaded the headers. This may or may not be same as brief description above.

  • @herr-b
    IMAP is better than pop anyway, as it doen't delete mails on servers when importing on devices, unless you choose to delete.

  • I always used POP on all my devices and never deleted files automatically on the server. I do this manually on the server once in a while. I thought IMAP is connected permanently to the mailbox and as I have limited data package on my phone I want to use the minimum data amount as possible.

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