Nexus 5: Power and Convergence

  • Hi All,

    Just got a nice and cheap refurbished Nexus 5 and am very much enjoying my first foray into linux on a phone. UBPorts has done a fantastic job keeping this OS alive. Some parts of the user experience are really excellent and unique.

    I have two questions though that I can't seem to find an easy answer to and was hoping you could help:

    1. Power Consumption: What would a typical amount of power consumption be? I'm not sure the exact numbers but if I were to leave the phone fully-charged before going to bed but not connected it would be drained by the time I wake up (6-7 hours later). Yesterday, out and about, it lasted about 3 hours. Is this typical or does it seem like the battery could use replacing? I have a spare battery, just would like to avoid pulling the phone apart right now.

    2. Convergence. What, if anything, do I need to do to get the phone to show up on a screen? I have a usb to HDMI converter (that nicely also allows the power supply to be connected) but when I connect to my screen it doesn't seem to register. Ordinarily would it be automatically seen by the screen or is there a setting I need to change or a more formal dock needed?

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have a new Nexus 5 for comparison. My battery lasts 2-3 days if switched off at night so I'd say your battery is just about dead.

    The phone requires a micro USB cable to connect to a computer.

  • Yeah, nearly all N5 need battery replacements these days. But even with a new one don't expect wonders, as battery life was never great with the Nexus5. Still a with a new good quality 3rd party one (too many fake "genuine" ones on the market) it should last you through the day.

    For video out you need a special SlimPort adapter. What you have is probably MHL which will not work with the N5.

  • @eganonoa My battery will drop from 100% to 90% over night, so I think is your battery. You can go so far as buying a phone charger or a stick that will show you how much current your battery draws, do a bit of math and see the real capacity of your battery.

  • @eganonoa Webp(2).net-resizeimage.png
    This is how it looks my battery graph, and I was night shift 🙂

  • @cliffcoggin Thanks. Great. I will definitely put in the spare battery I have.

  • @poVoq Super useful! You are 100% correct, what I have is MHL. Couldn't for the life of my figure it out. Had the external display switch on, tried every HDMI cable I could find around the house. Saved me from going crazy. Thanks!

  • @eganonoa
    LTE is draining battery a lot on the N5, but over wifi (at work and at home) I have about 36 hours from 100% to 19%.
    I switch to flight mode when I'm sleeping 8-9 hours a day.

    About the dock there are some known to work with the N5, IIRC the one recommended is from Microsoft.
    If you intend to buy one I might be able to dig out the info from a Q&A early this year.

  • @AppLee said in Nexus 5: Power and Convergence:

    About the dock there are some known to work with the N5, IIRC the one recommended is from Microsoft.
    If you intend to buy one I might be able to dig out the info from a Q&A early this year.

    That is for wireless display out (Miracast). But that is IMHO only good for watching movies etc. The lag for regular desktop use is a bit too high.

  • @poVoq Ooops my bad you're right.

  • N5 is presented as "experimenting convergence" on this page :

    So there should be an "how to experiment it" tuto somewhere...

  • @C0n57an71n @cliffcoggin @AppLee @poVoq

    Thanks all. Changed the battery. Has been run 15 hours since (not in airplane mode but syncing in the background on wifi) and battery is now at 42%. So that's about 26 hours expected with light usage and probably about 2 full days worth if put in airplane mode over night. Really impressive.

  • @eganonoa You could mark this as solved then if your happy. Use Topic Tools ask as question then change to solved. It all helps others find answers. Thanks

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