Volla Phone identical to Gigaset GS290?

  • Hello,

    the Volla Phone uses the Gigaset GS290 as hardware basis.

    I wonder if there's any difference concerning the hardware. I just read that the UBPorts Installer supports the Villa Phone.

    So if I want the Volla Phone with UT installed, can I simply buy a Gigaset GS290 and flash it or must it be the original Villa Phone?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Well, that seems to me quite unfair. Volla invests money and time in that device/project. If everyone would buy a Gigaset GS290 because its cheaper than, no company/startup will try to bring another device to UT again. We should hope that they succeed instead that Volla will be able to start another project with UT someday and other companies/start-up will follow.

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  • @makeixo thought about it and you're right. It wasn't about the price but about the availability right now.

  • @makeixo I need to say another thing. Maybe I already own a Gigaset GS290 and maybe I'd like to try it with UT.
    Why shouldn't I ask in such a case?
    Instantly calling me acting unfair isn't right.

    And I'm just a user who isn't that deep in that thing. I even don't know if the port has been made by Volla or UBPorts. The letter case would make it legitimate.

    But concerning your and my last post, I assume, the port has been done by Volla and knowing that, I would definitely support them since I also want UT and similar approaches to succeed.

    I just want to make clear, that I support UT since years (I got 5 devices by now running UT) and I didn't mean to corrupt that in any way.

  • Ah okay, well in that case I think you should ask Volla directly. Maybe it works, they give you an image and you donate some euros in return. This way both sides would benefit.

    I just see the risk if it works, that many would buy a GS290 for 200 € and flash the image for free, while Volla has done the work.

  • @jojuma I had a similar question about OP1 and OPPO Find 7A, they are also two identical phones, Universalsuperbox said that you still needed to port Ubports to both phones, I am not that technical so I didn't ask anymore questions about it, for the record I don't own a OP1 or the OPPO Find 7A. I just asked because it would benefit Ubports to be on as many phones as possible.

  • @jojuma Volla phone comes also with a signed back cover case and an improved battery (Compared with GS290).
    Moreover, Gigaset produces this special version for Hallo Welt (Volla). There might be other small differences.

  • @jojumaxx Important things with Gigaset:

    • You probably will not have access to fastboot.
    • They don't give the stock rom then you'll have a problem if you want revert the phone to Android.

    Best regards.

  • With the Volla phone you get:

    • slightly better battery (5000 mAh instead of GS290's stock 4700 mAh)
    • sleeker styling
    • a company that supports, develops and invests in a de-Googled AOSP based version of Android, ports of Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish OS, and a multi-OS boot loader.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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  • @Keneda said in Villa Phone identical to Gigaset GS290?:

    @jojumaxx You should edit the topic title for user searching the forum : "villa" > "volla" 🙂

    Yes right, but how? I can only find options to edit the posts but not the topic...

  • I purchased a Volla Phone on Indiegogo. Looking forward to delivery 😊

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    Hi, I just edited the title for you.
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  • @AppLee Thanks, good to know how it's done

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