"The" Bluetooth Thread

  • I have a BQ M10 FHD running the UBports flash.

    I use a Logitech M535 BT mouse and at the same time I also use a Logitech BT K810 keyboard. I don't have any issues using both of these at the same time. They seem to work very well together on this BQ tablet.

  • I have my M10 connected to my BQ Bluetooth speaker. It works fine, but when the speaker is connected, the tablet speakers go off. I posted this in Touch, but to be able to keep the tablet speakers on while the Bluetooth speaker is on would be a great improvement. That way both devices can be in a separate room and you can still here the music.

  • I have a Seat Ibiza with a Garmin navigation system: https://seat.garmin.com/seat/site/productOverview
    Pairing works fine and starting a call works fine, but only in roughly 1 out of 10 tries the sound is working. Meaning the call is made, but caller and callee can neither hear each other.
    If the voice is working, the phone hangs after the call ends and has to be rebooted, before I can make a new call via BT.

    Music streaming via bluetooth is always working fine.

  • @Flohack said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:


    after my vacation and lots of frustration with the VW car kit and my BQ E5 I am opening up this thread to start collecting various issues with Bluetooth. Car kits for example:

    • BMW works
    • VW seems to work but during phone calls you sometimes loose connection AND need to reboot your phone since BT screws the whole OS
    • Ford works but even if there is no media player in the car Ubuntu thinks it can send audio data to it 😃

    Please post your experiences, good and bad ones, with bluetooth here!

    Thx Florian

    Hi Florian,

    We have now some 24 replies in this thread... Are you, or someone, is making a consolidated list of them and some entry in an issue tracking system?

    Thx, matthias

  • @guru yes thats what I will try to do, I wanted to first listen here whats up with bluetooth before creating a more focused tracker item.


  • @Burak said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:

    BT connection with Pebble Time Steel works fine (turned on all the time). Occasionally it looses the connection (watch warns me about). I need to turn off/on the app to reconnect.

    Same for me with my pebble time round over RockWork

  • Just tried on an Opel Zafira.... Pairing, Adressbook works. Inside calls I do not have audio or the other party can hear me. Its just sad 😞


  • My phone is a BQ E4.5. with UBports ubuntu OS. With my carkit Parrot ck3100 everyting works fine (pairing, phonebook, calling) except when calling there is no sound and the CK3100 displays a musical note with line through it.

    The problem started with OTA9

    Is there a list of working carkits?

  • @TheBird Hello,

    no sorry there is no list of working car kits or other equipment, this is the reason why I started this thread, so that we can assemble a list of things that work and that dont 😉

  • @alternatore said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:

    Dunno why my previous message was deleted

    Aren't you banned?

  • @Leppa said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:

    @alternatore said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:

    Dunno why my previous message was deleted

    Aren't you banned?

    How many times this guy altern* will post the same stuff?


  • Since some days my people time round is not reconnecting anymore after loosing connections. After rebooting my fp2 everything went well again. But if not rebooting even the manual connect breaks immediately after pairing...

  • @Bastos out of curiosity what is "my people time round" exactly?

  • @advocatux
    I think Bastos got autocorrected, it should be Pebble time round.

  • @Vehi_MV oh right 😅

  • @Vehi_MV said in "The" Bluetooth Thread:

    I think Bastos got autocorrected, it should be Pebble time round.

    Exactly. Sorry. This comes from quickly firing some thoughts...

  • My phone is a bq Aquaris E5HD ubuntu edition and now loaded with UBports image. My car is a Citroen C4 Picasso with the MyWay system from Harman. The version of this system is rneg_D_R50b_R50.03. That should be the newest one.

    The behaviour is like this:

    First when the two sides dont now eachother and starting the connection/ coupling from the car, all is working. It is possible to make calls and to see the addressbook of the phone.

    After this when trying again the connection is not made anymore.
    The phone says that the car is connected, but the car says the phone is coupled, but not connected and connection is not possible.

  • Sorry, it must be

    ...First when the two sides dont know eachother...

  • @Nikfrager hi, unrelated to your problem but maybe you don't know this. If you want to edit a previous comment, click on those vertical 3 dots on the right hand side, near those upvote or downvote arrows.

  • A big thank you for all your work!

    On Meizu Pro 5 I can connect to my Nokia J headset but when I attempt a phone call I can hear only noise.

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