Pesbuk doesn't work anymore

  • This is actually quite weird. I used Pesbuk for a good while on FP2 16.04 stable OTA-12 with no issues whatsoever. And suddenly it stopped working. I reinstalled it, wiped the cache, rebooted the phone, tried different provided addresses to reach facebook - to no avail. All I get is a blank screen. At first I thought it might be related to my recent installation of uAdblock, but disabling it doesn't change anything. Then I decided to file an issue:
    As you can see, fb doesn't open in Morph either. Now, from what I get from @kugiigi and my own experiments, it must come from the phone, or some part of UT... So the question is: are there any FP2 and/or french users who are having the same problem ?

  • @Emphrath Yes. Pesbuk doesn't work for like 2 week at least on my N5. Today 9Gag won't let me use it no more unless I log through google or facebook. [Edit: 9Gag works again, apparently you don't have to select Google, but instead Browser, and it has a Chrome browser icon, but it actually opens in Morph........................] So... I think Google and Facebook wants something and UT doesn't give them that so thay restrict access to their services. But is just my theory, I think there are others more capable to explain why is so. I think there was already a topic related to that, or at least whatsapp...

  • @Emphrath You can see that for example if you open Onion and look for a facebook profile or page. You'll be able to see the page because now you have a different IP. Of course, you'll have to login further...
    Edit: and expect facebook in another language, but from my experience are only european languages....

  • @C0n57an71n well your theory doesn't hold since @kugiigi doesn't have a problem connecting

  • @Emphrath You are in France? I'm in Austria. What country is @kugiigi in?
    Found it: Phillippines?

  • @Emphrath Webp(5).net-resizeimage.png
    I've tryied on Morph, but I get connection error. When using Onion, DdGo showed results for Germany, although I am in Austria. Facebook works though, even not logged.
    Might have to do with UT, might have to do with the campaign against fake-news and fake accounts, might have to do with EU GDPR..., have no clue...

  • @Emphrath Found it:
    I think that will clear a little bit the situation, but on the other hand, what did you expected when you took the red pill and choosed privacy? :)))) *Joke

  • Still working on my OP3, Pesbuk and Sailbook. Though I did hsve to log back in and reset password due to using a site that was not Facebook and this was a phishing attack. Think your going to see more and more of this. It's not ours must be an attack.

  • I confirm that Sailbook works very well right now. (Nexus 5 / OTA 13 stable / Switzerland)

  • @stanwood well sailbook doesn't work either. an attack ? what do you mean ? that my phone redirects to a fake site that pesbuk wouldn't recognize ? how could this happen ? By the way my phone has shown some strange behavior these last days, it might be related: during charge (system offline) the battery logo started stuttering, then when I started UT it went black as if locked and was fully unresponsive. I rebooted it and then the UI was duplicated !!!! All the buttons up there (data, notifications, battery and so on) were also at the bottom of my phone - and I had to reboot again... finally, this: in the openstore, next to "Installed applications" i've got a “(%1)" !! @C0n57an71n are you experiencing any of this ??

  • @Emphrath No, nothing like this. Sporadic bugs, but nothing out of the ordinary. I never used Sailbook and now I can't confirm since I've deleted my Fb account .

  • @Emphrath If you mean what I put. The official Facebook app/login was telling me I had used an unofficial site to login so was /could be a victim of a phishing attack. Not that there is anything wrong with anything from UT or Ubports just to be clear. More and more often I find that if the app is not theirs (Facebook or whoever) they say you have been or are likely to have been tricked and log you out and require a change of password.
    Now you can see that as a security feature or a subtle attempt to keep you using the official apps etc.

  • @Lakotaubp Oh yeah, this -since I use facebook on UT I had to change my password a thousand times ^^ I get this. But this is different.

  • @Emphrath Did you try to erase your account from your app and set it again? Maybe reinstall the application. Looks like a wrong account/certificate link...

  • @stanwood I did both of that. i could try erasing morph cache

  • @Emphrath i can indeed access fb with the onion browser

  • @Emphrath
    Sorry I didn't read everything so it might be redundant.
    Do you have uAdBlock ? Some list prevent access to social media that might be it.

  • @AppLee I disabled it and it doesn't change a thing. Frankly I'm starting to believe it's related to the other bugs I'm experiencing these days (among which huge inexplicable battery drops) - I'll format the phone (without wipe) and see what happens

  • I really think it's related to the fact that you are redirected to
    I believe Facebook works in Onion Browser because it's using Tor which is a bit similar to VPN wherein you are detected to be in a different country than the one you are actually in.

  • For me, it has nothing to do with FB. None of my social apps work, from twitter to reddit. They all stop dead in their tracks with a "connection refused" error message. I checked ufw, it's disabled. I haven't a clue, nor, apparently, does anyone else.

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