Today scope now without weather information

  • A few days ago, maybe it was Oct. 1st, the weather information vanished, I think it was at the same time, when the weather channel scope was blank. Could it be, Canonical has not renewed their API-key or whatever was necessary for that kind of service? Is it possible to have / to build a new scope for that purpose? It was a very convenient feature for me on the home screen. Any idea?

  • Same problem for me also on the BQ Aquaris E5 but, after passing to Ubports, the weather information disappeared since the beginning. I also followed instruction on this forum to install the click package of the Canonical original scope but didn't work completely: I miss weather info and moon phases but for moon phases the problem is that the service is not for free, so devs removed the relevant API. An other feature I miss is the address detection on the Nearby scope: any clue on how to restore this as well?

  • The weather information comes form the Weather Channel scope - which has stopped working. But it's not just the Weather Channel but also Amazon, 7Digital, ebay, Open Library, Reddit and Wikipedia scopes. Maybe more. I have assumed that this was due to agreements with Canonical expiring or being wound up. To be honest it is only weather that I miss, and that's not a big problem.
    However, I do appreciate the scopes and would be sorry to see them go bit by bit.

  • @BrisPete Of all the scopes it is the Today scope I appreciate and use the most as a first port of call for the days info. Its beginning to look a little sorry for itself now. Is it the same on the other channels or is there something in development. I'm currently on stable r2

  • @Lakota You nailed it, the first glance of the opened phone screen looks bare and a bit disappointing now. Should we file a bug or a feature request? I think so, if there are a few more similar complaints in this thread.

  • @Gerd I think so. Maybe this ties in with the super scope discussion in the general section, but I would miss a good first port of call Today scope.

  • I too miss it and yes the scope is looking really sorry for itself now. It does not as we say blow your socks off. With bits like this going it is driving people down the app route. To overcome the missing weather information on the today scope I have installed the weather app. It is good and gives me what I want but it is going away from the original thoughts of Touch and scopes.

  • Does a new scope fetching data from Openweathermap or worldweatheronline (or any better weather api you can found) can do the job ?

  • @kazord I am no programmer, but I assume that the scope's code just has to be changed a little to get the data from a different source. If someone is able to do that all people on this thread would be very thankful. Otherwise I would try to get into that adventure.

  • Has anything changed on this ?. If it has and I've missed it apologies to those involved.

  • @Lakota I don't see any news tbh. Still the same. sadly

  • It is such a shame that the Today scope has go this way and there does not seem to be any plans to bring it back to how is was before and even improve upon it. Scopes were meant to be one of the big difference's with Ubuntu Touch and now is any new users look at it they will have a less than positive impression of the whole Scopes idea. Just bringing back the wrather part would help fill a bit of the white space.

  • Sadly all you say is true. But for some reason not many people seem to care. At least people don't take the effort to say that they want to keep Today scope alive. I want the weather info back, I want the list of holidays and all other goodies it provides back.

    Does really nobody care? Tell the guys at ubports that it matters.

    I don't want to be left with a text console only phone in a year from now. Not that I don't like text consoles - I use them for work every day. But is it too much luxury to expect a few everyday use goodies on my phone?

  • @ThePossessor Yeah. I dont want the UBPorts team to put resources on this because they are already doing a huge effort on developing the core important stuff (OS Itself) but it will be great to see the community rescuing stuff like this.

    Too bad I dont know anything about programming otherwise I would l help with this for example. I dont think this would involve so much effort to recover tbh. But as I said. I dont know too much or anything about "programming" sadly.

  • @malditobastardo Nobody is expecting a huge effort from them for this right now.

    What I am talking about is letting them know that it does have some importance. The current plans seem to be letting Today scope just fade away with no plan B. And to me this does not seem an attractive way.

    The guys do a good job. Just I don't always get the priorities. I want to be able to use it as a main phone again. I do not need to set a background picture on scopes for that. But I do need a lot of the stuff from today scope. Weather is one of them.

  • I also just want a good everyday phone/os that does the basics well and securely. Now Ubports is showing all the signs if getting there and the Today scope was a major part of that experience for me. I could live with some of the others going and will wait to see what comes along in future, but still think a good Today scope/alternative something that holds all your basic daily needs/info in one place is not only useful but vital.
    Which is why I started out with the Ubports project when it took over from Canonical. So called basic phones on well known os now approach £600 and can seemingly help you to world domination. Its all abit dull and boring, who actually needs or uses these ever expanding list of features and functions.
    Lets hope Ubports is successful in becoming a very viable alternative option for as wide a range of users as possible.

  • @doniks @kazord First I have to say that I am glad to see more and more people telling us, they are missing the weather scope too. I looked into the python code "" where in row 460 it starts to call So, as I am no programmer, I assume, that code has to be changed properly to get the information from another available source . It's never too late to learn programming. I will try to find out, what has to be done, but expect no wonder. Maybe a skilled person can make the changes much faster. My spare time for this project is limited. Any hints where to start best are welcome.

  • @Gerd
    Maybe it is the api key that is expired/not valid anymore. See e.g. line 139. Maybe Canonical had purchased a key and "sponsored" it for the platform, but isn't continuing anymore.

    I guess the first step would be to make sure you can actually build and test and debug the app and understand why it's not working now. Or maybe, checking the logfiles reveals already a problem without even rebuilding it first.

  • Just noticed the sunrise sunset info has now gone from my m10 since the latest update. All other devices seem OK just this one its on the RC channel.
    This scope is really looking bare now ☺
    Sorry please ignore me its just come up. Just took a little time thats all must be more patient in future.

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