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  • Is there a way or app for monitoring mobile data usage on ubports. I've had a look around and cant find anything. Apologies if I've missed something obvious. Now we have dekko 2 email notification lights, data usage should be the last missing bit to using ubports as my daily driver and leaving android at home for a change.

  • @Lakota Re/ Dekko && light, how this is working for an IMAP mailbox? Polling every now and then?

  • Sorry nit sure what you mean, but since the last dekko2 update the other day I have a flashing green indicator light on my nexus 5, also m10, but no indicator sound. I gave not altered any of my email settings and yes two of them are imap.

  • Data monitoring is also intersting for me. yesterday i was connected to wifi, but after watching a video, i get a message from my provider. My mobile data volume is reached.

    Nice would be to set a limit for getting a alarm by going over this limit.

  • @Einstein212 this happens to me often in CZ, under wifi I still get use for my mobile data connection for some reason. So I keep receiving the same message...

  • I totally agree that a mobile data monitoring (and set limit) would be very useful here indeed. I have it set on my android so I can make sure I am not exceeding my monthly allowance and therefore would incur extra cost. This for me comes under features that people have come to expect now with their mobile OS, which unfortunately we are missing. Not sure if it has already been logged in GitHub but if not we should really log it, a new feature to monitor mobile data usage for now and then hopefully later down the line to set limits.

    @Einstein212 & @malditobastardo it sounds like you have highlighted another issue, where you believe that you are using a wifi, but for some reason your mobile data is being used instead. Thus incurring the messages from your service provider, about your limits. My understanding was that when you can use wifi the os will and not use mobile data. This if not the case would be a concern for many others.

  • @Lakota said in Mobile data monitoring:

    Sorry nit sure what you mean, but since the last dekko2 update the other day I have a flashing green indicator light on my nexus 5, also m10, but no indicator sound. I gave not altered any of my email settings and yes two of them are imap.

    I have Dekko 2 and the notifications for me are coming through all OK on all my devices. I have the light and the phone buzzing but not sound, which I can live with. For me notifications come through for all of my days emails though, even ones that I have already deleted during the day. So when my notifications come through for my 5 accounts, I can get loads come through but when I go in there are only a couple showing in Dekko 2. This is something that I really hope will be addressed in future builds.

    When you say β€œthe last Dekko 2 update the other day” how did you get this? I check every day for updates, but have none come through. I have the rc running and my last updates were for this a week or so ago. Is there something that I am not doing right with updates not coming through as I if there are Dekko 2(or any other app) updates I would really like to get them.

  • @UKPhil I also check each day and have RC channel running. I had the first update to Dekko 2 for sometime on Tuesday from the open store(and also ota's for various devices on Weds, but not the m10).
    It might just be the way the updates are rolled out to different devices etc.
    There is some mention on git hub about data monitoring coming in the future. Was really checking I hadn't missed anything, but I didn't agree it is needed if not vital just yet.

  • May I come back to my question: How Dekko2 gets to know that there is new unread mail in my IMAP inbox? Thanks

  • @guru Sorry I have no idea on how it works. I think there is a github page or the developers site that would be better. Dekko was mentioned more as an aside in this post as I need to monitor mobile data usage easily.

  • @Lakota Thanks for that. I do my updates via the updates in settings. Not tried via the open store.

    Hopeful in the future it will come as we need a data monitoring. If there is a github for it feel free to add the number here so we can add comments.

  • You mean this?

    Its on our list, I got an idea already πŸ˜‰


  • @Flohack thanks a lot for your work... it's exactly what i'm looking for

  • @Flohack said in Mobile data monitoring:

    You mean this?

    Its on our list, I got an idea already πŸ˜‰


    Fantastic news, I cannot waiy to see it. Hopefully it will not takr long for the idea to become working reality.

  • Basically I am planning to install this tool:

    But we need a frontend for this in system-settings, still looking for a volunteer to do it xD


  • @Flohack this looks idea and something in the front end like the browser pages it currently shows would be idea. Sorry all I can offer help with is the testing.

  • @Flohack Thanks Flohack. The simple web page display of a graph looks pretty good to me. Along with (from a quick read of set up info) a start finish point/date and upper limit alert ideal for quick reference from the settings page possibly under the mobile section.
    For those with two sim phones would it pick up the two different usages or agregate it under one reading? I know this is probably pilling the work on for those that can and know what they are doing, but it us greatly appreciated by us keen users and supporters of this quickly developing great system.

  • @Lakota Hi, vnstat is capable of monitoring only network interfaces, so all radios, all WiFis, VPNs bluetooth etc would be in a separate graph πŸ™‚

    That said, we need to find a way how to determine which network "card" name is which function, as this seems kernel dependent. Will be smth like rmnet* or wl* then.


  • Hi @flohack !
    I just planned to install vnstat to monitor my data traffic (device rmnet0 for my nexus 5), and found this post with a quick search.

    Is there a way to install it?
    I tried a apt-get install vnstat, but the package is not available in repository.

    I'm not used to the UT platform for now, and don't know how to compile package for it.
    Is it possible to compile it for UT 15.04?

  • @ellypsis UT file system is read-only, you can make it writable too (not recommended), try to run that package inside Libertine, or you can try to make a .click package using Clickable [*] for example


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