Chosing device for Ubuntu touch

  • Hello friends. I am very interested in using Ubuntu touch, can you please recommend me best device for daily use. I just read wiki and devices page.
    On front page said Nexus 5 best choise, in wiki said Meizu 5 pro only support anbox.

    Please tell me best device what really supported by devs , what will get future updates and new functions.

    If Device is Nexus 5 16 or 32 gb?

  • @needforkill If you go nexus route ubports takes up 4.8g on mine. I have the 16g version which is fine for me and runs well. Don't have a mx 5 but there are a few signal issues. Theres also the oneplusone and fairphone 2 to have alook at.
    All of these are in for longer term support and the move to 16.04 and anbox.
    Have a read through ubports docs on Github etc for more info or on the website and this forum, and welcome aboard this exciting project.

  • @needforkill Nearly forgot theres also the Telegram group. You can can ask away there for all the info you can't find elsewhere.

  • @lakota Hello, thank you. Yea, i looking forum. I join to telegram group, and already ordered nexus 5 32 gb.

  • @needforkill Great, have fun and enjoy ubports. Any problems and someone on here will be able to help I'm sure.

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