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    I'm Jan Sprinz (you probably know me as NeoTheThird) and i help run the UBports community team. I'm 19 years old and I study Game Engineering and Computer Science in Germany. 🙂

    I'm fairly new to Ubuntu Touch and the Linux Community in general. Last summer, as I was browsing the web as a traumatized macOS refugee that recently installed Ubuntu, i came across this weird piece of audio-visual something. And somehow I ended up here. 🙂

    Take care and feel free to introduce yourself here,


  • Okay well then 😉

    Hi, Im Florian Leeber (aka Flohack), I am currently assigned in the infrastrcture team of UBports (whatever that will mean, lets see). Basically I will help running servers and services that we need for development and running ops. I am 42 years old (probably the oldest of all haha) and I am working as a senior software developer in the metals industry in Austria.

    I ran across Ubuntu Touch somewhere in last April or so, pretty much a year ago, and as I did not own any smartphone before, I was happy to be able to use one which is special. Too special to use it without thinking, but I got used to it.

    I own a BQ E5 as daily driver. I also own now: An N5 (backup device last summer, when the E5 had a broken digitizer after some heavy rain on the motorcyle :)), an HTC One X (tried porting on this) and a Samsung S3 (currently trying to port on it :))

    BR Florian

  • @NeoTheThird said in Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!:


    Hello I am Pedro Dias Vicente, I am Linux developer and Android sometimes in spare time Ubuntu.

    I am using ubports since the beginning. I help people sometimes through twitter.

    Also, college senior. I hope to contribute to this project since the beginning.


  • Hello, everyone !

    I am a C dev and Linux/Ubuntu enthusiast.
    I own a Meizu pro 5, which I use as my primary phone. It seems like you guys are planning on keeping supporting it in non-legacy mode, and I'd like to help with that. I can of course do QA as well for that phone.
    I'm still a bit unclear on how to join, as I'd really like to avoid using telegram, but I've created a trello account in the meantime: https://trello.com/iorekbyrnison1

  • Hi community,

    I am David Gámiz Jiménez (corvusd or corvusdeux) I am 36 years old (young right now and forever XD) and I am working as a senior 3D CAD/CAM designer, principally for automotive industry in Spain. Although my true dream is the videogame industry and 3D modeler(Blender rulez). RetroGamer(ZX Spectrum... and others) and of course PC Linux gamer 🙂

    I handle very well with Gimp, Inkscape. Making sketches or drawing.

    I own the BQ E4.5 OTA-15 and BQ M10 HD OTA-15. All PC in my house whit ubuntu, for 10 years ago, without windows partition 😉

    I hope to contribute in some task or in testing.


  • Hi guys,
    my name is Devid Filoni, I am 25 (almost 26) and I currently work as senior developer. I love Ubuntu Phone and I would like to try to help this project and Yunit in my spare time. Recently I started to focus on/study kernel development, so I would like to contribute in that area. I am an Ubuntu MOTU too, let me know if you need any help! 😉


  • Hi Guys, I'm a graphic designer. I believe in convergence and the value that has ubuntu touch brought to the open source community. I would love to be part of the community that continues it even without the support of Canonical. Not much of a developer but I can do UX and UI design requirements. Thanks, Raf

  • @Rafale07 Welcome! This is good to hear, I think we could need some nice illustrations and artwork in the future 🙂

  • Hello Guys,

    my name is Sven Jütte, I am 24 and working as an C# Software developer. I alway want wo help on an Open Source projekt and follow Ubuntu Touch since the first time i hear about it. And now i habe the chance to be a part of this awesome phone os.

    By the way i am from Germany but live in Austria.


  • Hi folks,

    I'm Mike Sheldon, I've spent the past three years working on the phone full time at Canonical, mostly working on the on-screen keyboard and the download manager, but also doing odd bits and pieces on content-hub and the web browser. In my spare time I also created a bunch of my own apps for the phone including Podbird and CuteSpotify and also ported a few things like ScummVM.

    I'm not entirely sure what my free time's going to look like in the near future, but I'm happy to help out where I can 🙂

  • Hello,

    I'm Piotr Mitana, I'm 25 and I live in Poland. I use Ubuntu desktop since I think 7.10 or 8.04. About 9 months ago I've bought Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and it is my daily driver since then.

    I am a software developer, using mosty Javascript and Java in my current job, but have done some Scala, D, a little C++/Qt 4 and a bit of QML. I'm not sure if I will have enough time to help in OS' or core apps' development, but I will definitely throw in some testing, my feedback and ideas to discuss. And maybe someday I'll manage to start helping with the code as well.

    I am also currently planning to create my first application for phones and convergence.

  • Hi guys

    I am Miguel Menéndez (mimecar) and I have worked with Ubuntu Touch since its launch. I work among other things as a Java programmer and in my spare time I am writing an Ubuntu Touch programming course. I started in August last year in Spanish and I am translating it into English right now.

    For the course chapters I have already written (webapps and QML) I see that it is simple to program for Ubuntu Touch. The problem is to have a bit of basic. QML is not complicated and you can program applications quite quickly.

    I hope I can help continue Ubuntu Touch and maintain the incredible community behind.

    A greeting.

  • Hello,

    I'm Thatoo, almost 30, I have a french passport living/travelling between France and other places (Iran lately).
    I have been testing Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch since I've got my Nexus 5. Cyanogenmod 13 is in primary ROM but I use FFOS for daily usage (I've made the persian keayboard of FFOS). I have been testing ubuntu touch regularly (I won't say for every update but many).

    I have been waiting for convergence since I heard of it. It would be really sad if it doesn't come up to life.
    I'll keep testing it till I feel I can use it daily.

    Best regards,

  • Greetings everyone,

    my name is Michele and I am a professional UX/UI designer with strong data analysis skills and a solid knowledge of front-end markup + coding (the usual HTML/JS/CSS mix). I can do wireframes, prototypes, run and debrief user testing sessions and focus groups and I'm an Ubuntu user since Dapper Drake 🙂

  • Hi guys, I'm Robby Millar (armyofpunk) I am an Android developer knowing Java (learning) looking to learn and grow more with development and would love to help out keep Ubuntu touch alive.

    I've been following and using UT since its inception and have worked on a few apps for it.


  • Hi there!
    I'm Joan, a little cloned android recreated from an alternative diment... ehem, ehem... I'm the one publishing all those Interactive Fiction into the store.
    I love my main phone: bq E5 and my main tablet: bq m10.
    I have been helping translating and testing some apps. I'm here to give some support if I can.


  • Hi,

    my name is Taavi (@salarelv) and from Estonia. I am a frontend developer doing mostly JavaScript at my workplace. I have also done some small QML (+Qt) apps and want to work on the core apps if possible.
    Have Nexus 4 running UT. And a Jolla 1 as a daily driver. I hope we someday we can run the core apps on almost every platform.

  • Hi everybody!
    I'm Francisco Molinero (aka fmolinero). I lead the Ubuntu Spanish Translators team (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSpanishTranslators)
    I am a Ubuntu Member and I have a BQ 4.5 as unique phone by now. I want to contribute keeping alive Ubuntu touch modestly from my position of translator.

  • Hi all,
    the name is Peter Valachovič I am IT teacher from Slovakia, some years ago after finishing FIIT in Bratislava I've decided that I want to work on making world a better place, so I quit ERP systems maintaining and development and I teach on high school and help kids with studies in free time.

    My phone of everyday use is Ubuntu BQ 5 HD, I was thinking about translations to Slovak even earlier, although I haven´t started yet. I´ll gladly help with testing apps and if I´ll have time (which is not really often) I can help with some apps development too

  • Greetings to All

    I own an Aquarius E5 HD, bought it for simple calling, reading and writing text with nano and coding with python.
    Calling a friend without a intermission from some android-app.
    To have a little more controll about that, what the apps are doing. ( Its a lot of "KISS -Keep it Simple and Stupid" that i like on the "UbuntuPhone")
    I like your "we make it go" spirit and wish you the best for the future. (Dont lose hope, the interesting part is now starting 😉
    To me:
    linux-newbie (More Debian former Ubuntu-user)

    best wishes

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