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    Is there currently an effort to make LineageOS or Android available on the Pinephone?

    Yes, Replicant is working to port Android to the PinePhone. Indeed, @Pine64 stated in this thread that "Down the road I think that Replicant will have a big install base."

    So, when @Pine64 recently expressed the possibility that "people say that they want a Linux phone, but in reality are not quite able to let go of their Android for iOS phones.," in response, I suggested that such potential customers (namely, those who "say that they want a Linux phone, but in reality are not quite able to let go of their Android for iOS phones") may be more likely to buy a PinePhone if the PinePhone were able to dual boot between a pure Linux OS and Replicant (Android) from internal storage.

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    I also think this would be a good thing, if I am following this conversation correctly.
    Or is this considered to be too much work, not worth the effort right now compared to alternatives?

    UBports is rightfully focusing on other projects at the moment.

    But as has been pointed out elsewhere, Pine64 (the company) has been working with many other members of the Linux phone community, including "PostMarketOS, the KDE Plasma Mobile developers, Manjaro, LuneOS, SailfishOS's community porters, Nemo Mobile... the list goes on and on."

    So, perhaps upon realizing that overcoming any reasons that prevent a significant number of potential Linux phone users from buying a PinePhone will ultimately benefit the entire Linux phone community (such reasons including occasional reliance on some key Android apps), other members of the Linux phone community may decide to work out how to dual boot between a pure Linux OS and Replicant (Android) from internal storage on the PinePhone.

  • My understanding Is that an OS on the SD Card takes over the EMMC, so should allow easily to have multiple OS on the go (at least, it works on Pinebook Pro, duknow for the legacy one).
    And, an extra 2p, a cheap Andro*# phone would not have kill switches or the option just highlighted

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    My understanding Is that an OS on the SD Card takes over the EMMC, so should allow easily to have multiple OS on the go (at least, it works on Pinebook Pro, duknow for the legacy one).

    Yep, you are absolutely correct that the PinePhone can boot from the SD card. 🙂

    But SD cards are slower, less reliable, and less convenient than internal eEMMC storage. Also, Average Joe doesn't want to carry around an SD card (which is easily lost or damaged) just to access his Android banking app (and nor do I).

    To all who are reading this: I'm not suggesting that this is something that needs to be done tomorrow, next week, next month, or even within the next few months. However, given the glacial pace at which these projects progress, it's worth having these discussions now, in hopes that a dual boot feature will find its way to the PinePhone (or its successor) later this year, or maybe even next year.

    But who knows, maybe Anbox will be fully functional on PinePhone by later this year, obviating the need for dual booting to Replicant (Android). But really, I suspect that even the most enthusiastic among us of doubts that will happen.

  • It is quite true that handling the apk in a stable manner, whatever the method, will be a big plus for the pinphone as well as any other UT phone. Given the myriad of problems to be solved on all UT phones, I understand very well that this is not a priority. However, whether it's for the pinephone or other devices, updating the browser that is currently 'down' is a far higher priority from my user's point of view : the user must not be restricted in these actions on a website.

  • beeing a potential buyer i can only tell pine: I am waiting for the finished product. And i will not buy an android phone.
    I am currently using a Jolla - and also have a cheap android to sync my sportswatch (as it needs BLE). My next sportswatch will be recognizable by linux (like amazfit, currently polar).

    So the phinephone for me is only interesting because of plasma mobile (using kubuntu on private and debian at work) and ubport beeing the possible main os.
    If it would be android i would get a cheap alternative like my current motorola.

    What should be the reason for people not to let go of their android/ios phones? For sure NOT the os itself - but simply the amount of available apps. And for the apps you can probably bring it down to only a few essentials.
    I know this discussion from jolla quite well. And there - in my opinion - the main reason apps are missing are a) no option for paid apps in webstore (even if you are opensource fan - good software doesn't develop itself) b) mass. No bank, service provider etc. will develop their app for a small number of people.
    But that leaves you only with a few apps you might use not beeing available. The rest probably is already there.

    So the much better solution will be to get an android emulator working. And not conclude that Android/ios might be more appealing. Its all about apps.

  • Random thoughts:

    I've been using only UT for the last four years. No turning back for me. I have very good experience with my E5.
    I've bought a PinePhone to support the project and to have a possible replacement for my beloved grandpa E5 in a future.

  • @CiberSheep very good E5 yet 😉 !

  • @UniSuperBox said in PinePhone:

    It is a position of frustration. Frustration that we know these things would make it more likely for your average Joe to buy the phone, but knowing that we can only promise what the device is right now, not what it could be if only we did something different. So maybe it isn't right for the average Joe, but it's right for us. And we'll keep making it better.

    This! This! A hundredfold this! ☝

  • @PINE64 I have the intention to buy one too but when I look at the system monitor of my Xx with SFOS I think I will wait if there will be a 3gb Version. I think at least 1gb of ram more would be good.

    Furthermore, I think the comment about people are not willing to let go their Android/iOS phones is not really fair.

    I will buy one for two main reason. First I want to support the project. Second I just want to try out some OSes. But for me its not usable as daily driver. I need e.g. Threema and WhatsApp. All this discussion about android on the pinephone shows, that I am not the only one who needs one or two android apps on his phone. Another issue for me is the camera. The camera doesn't need to have 9 trillion megapixel but 5/2 is nowadays not much. 16/5 or 24/13 with a good sensor and camera app would be fine for me.

    At the end I see in the Pinephone more a device for devs and to play around but I really do hope that someday I can use a pinephone as daily driver .

  • I definately will buy a pinephone in March. I have been using the Aquaris E5 and N5 for years now as my daily driver. They have never let me down so far. Yes I need "line", "skype" and "whatsapp" on the phone but that is ,sort of, promised for sometime this year. Ubports may be the most important project for Linux.

  • I am one of the PinePhone BraveHeart customers and ordered the phone only to have a complete Linux phone.
    It will not replace my current Android phone, because among other things the WhatsApp or the Android app support is missing at UBports.
    A "PinePhone Pro" with strong hardware and a working Anbox with UBports would definitely become my daily driver. Actually I only need 2-3 Android apps like many others, everything else works fine natively in UBports.
    For that I would definitely spend more money like only 150 dollars.

  • I'm looking forward many many years from now. I'll be selling my Braveheart edition to Pawn Stars 😃

  • Shipping starts tomorrow 🙂 PINE64 community update post:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Flohack hm, I thought /e/ was going to be available on the PinePhone. But now that I think about it, I probably imagined it, as I can't remember a place where I could have read it 😛

  • Got my email notice ,showing it shipped

  • Woooohoooo... me too 🙂

  • @Marathon2422 Yes, most phones shipping to EU and North America have left the factory.
    Confirmation e-mails are in progress and planned during this week.
    Delivery is expected within 12 days for EU and within 18 days for North America.
    [Edit] Still waiting the email, but I don't care as long as I get the phone this month 😉

  • Since some people started receiving their devices already, I am posting this here for you guys, so you can get the most out of your PinePhone BH experience at this time:

    I ran UT all day today, and here's the battery life with current optimizations (or rather lack thereof):
    With light to moderate usage the phone's battery lasts approx 6-7hours.

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