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  • Maybe some of you know Flutter, which is a framework for cross platform development: . Someone was able to run a Flutter app on a raspberry pi by generating ARM binaries: . Is it possible to run binary apps on UT?

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    Is it possible to run binary apps on UT?

    I don't quite understand the question. Yes, of course any armhf binary compiled against the appropriate ABIs of Ubuntu 16.04 + UBports repository if using Qt, can be run.

    However, in the case of Flutter, you would not build a native application. I'm not 100% sure how it would work, but you'd need to use either the Web or React Native targets, and treat them sort of if they were HTML5 apps instead.

  • Very good question... As long as I know, Flutter for desktop is based on GLFW, right? So it is a "normal" x or wayland-app. Maybe it can run with the newest Mir, which should be wayland-compatible.
    You can try to package the app as a deb and install it with libertine in the meanwhile.

    Flutter is a very interesting framework and in my opinion could be the future for Ubuntu Touch development too.

  • @Krille said in Binary apps/Flutter:

    Flutter for desktop is based on GLFW, right?

    Not exactly. See :

    The current Linux shell is a GLFW placeholder, to allow early experimentation. We would like to create a library that lets you embed Flutter regardless of whether you're using GTK+, Qt, wxWidgets, Motif, or another arbitrary toolkit for other parts of your application, but have not yet determined a good way to do that. Our current plan is to support GTK+ out of the box, in a way where adding support for other toolkits is straightforward.

    Expect the APIs for the final shell to be radically different from the current implementation.

    Looking deeper, it also seems that targets other than Android/iOS are not particularly well supported/documented. So, I think Flutter is not really an option at this time.

  • Flutter for Web and for desktop will become a thing in the near future. And then it should be possible to package it. We can expect, that a lot of Android and iOS apps will use Flutter in the future so providing support for Flutter in UT would give us access to a lot of new apps.

  • I already have an app that runs very well on mobile, desktop and web.

  • Flutter is an open-source framework that allows to build Android and iOS application using single code. Flutter is a complete SDK for building cross-platform application and it uses c, c++, DART languages.
    You need to know more knowledge than reading on

  • I had a quick look at Flutter, it's full of promises, but it's still another "good idea" from Google.
    I may be pessimistic but I think it will finish like GWT ; started well, had some success was never achieved => abandoned

    Just my 2 cents 😉
    I hope for the best but Google has a tendency to never deliver on its promises.

    [Edit] Just found this video lol 😂

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