Is UT efficient for a daily drive ?

  • I've been using UT on a OnePlus One or Meizu Pro 5 as a daily driver for over the past year now, and have zero desire to ever switch back to Android.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic Is Meizu 5 as good as oneplus 1?

  • Hi. I've been using UT RC on a Nexus 5 on and off for several months now. Been "forced" to use Android some since
    the dimise of Maemo/Meego... I really enjoy using UT and it's ALMoST able to be used as a daily driver except for a few things that I personally want in a phone.

    1. Bluetooth on the N5 with UT is basically unusable. I have a newer VW auto and prefer to connect over BT. The N5 won't connect over USB in the car. Also not working properly for BT speakers and earbuds.

    2. I listen to ALOT of audiobooks. There is no dedicated audiobook player that I've been able to find and work properly on UT. I can listen through the music app, but my place is never saved.

    3. I use SMS and MMS to communicate with my family alot. SMS works fine (Google Fi SIM) but MMS does not. I've fooled around with the APNs, but nothing works.

    These are all personal gripes with UT and may not be important to you. It really is a great product, all the people working on it in their spare time deserve ALOT credit for the hard work the continually put into UT.

  • It may seem strange to some, but for me, after alternating use of nexus 5, OPO and BQ phones, I still have to say that the latter are the most stable and have the least material and other disadvantages (for me), even if they are the first and not the most powerful : they only heat up very shortly after a long enough use, not too many untimely disconnections from the network, no video playback problems, no big annoying bugs...

    I am not hyper-connected so I don't need a lot of apps. It is especially important for me to have a powerful internet browser (morph-browser is improving but still many points to improve) : I manage with morph to cover about my needs and internet operations but I am like others limited or blocked, as for example, for the use of the Github (recently) and Gitlab (older, downloading screenshots) sites, which is a relief, these sites being linked to Ubports and UT !

    It is also important for me to have a good MUA : dekko is very much in progress recently thanks to very competent and involved community developers ! I am confident that improvements will continue.

    I also think that the Pinephone (March 2020 normally for the finished product and mass production) will provide the stable and efficient device that will boost UT's development and allow Ubports to increase its notoriety and grow !

    And thanks again to Kugiigi for making things so much easier with his great OSK !!

  • Well thanks for all those answers. Troubles with Bluetooth are not a problem for me, as I don't use it very often (and only for speakers). MMS is much more a trouble.

    Any experiences with dual-SIM devices (FP2 or BQ) ? This would help me a lot. Does it work ?

    My feeling is that UT is improving very quickly since the adoption of 16.04. I think that, for the moment, I should keep my device since it is working. It is the more environment-friendly, and I'm not that concerned for my privacy (LineageOS without Gapps). In a few months, it may be that some existing bugs will be corrected on current devices, or that another device will be supported with less troubles (Pinephone, for instance).

  • My Bq Aquaris E5 works very well with dual sim.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat OP3 with ubtouch? I don't see it on the site.

  • @TotalSonic I tried to use that, I think during the canonical era, and it didn't work for me, Idk why, I might have been wrong, and uses a similar/same sync services as the Contacts or calendar app, or it didn't work because you had to have it open to sync, and thats fixed now due to exceptions?

    I'm not aware, but thank you for updating me on that.

  • To me it still is not. This is because of this problem:

    But beside that it is great. At nightshifts I use my Iphone. The others days of the week it is UT on my OPO which I realy prefer 👍

  • @Nathan123 - The Meizu Pro 5 is superior to the OnePlue One in that the Meizu has USB-C fast charging, the camera zoom, flash, and focus work correctly, it has a 21megapixel camera (versus the 13 megapixel on the OPO) with better color capturing, it has micro-SD support (up to 128GB), and fingerprint unlocking support. I've found that the GPS works better on the Meizu as well. The disadvantage of the Meizu is that it only works at 3G/HSPA (enhanced 3G) in the USA (at least with my cell provider of T-Mobile), where as the OnePlus One can get reliably 4G.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Yes, the meizu pro 5, on the paper, seems to be the best device available (and it is dual-sim). But it is quite difficult to find, and the documentation says that Ubuntu touch cannot be ported to the android version, so I need to find a Ubuntu touch version, which seems impossible. It is very hard to find the HQ devices as well.
    Because of the dual-Sim problem, the good solution could be to try the FP2. Now that the Fp3 is launched, it is quite easy to find, and not so expensive.

  • @Pookie said in Is UT efficient for a daily drive ?:

    Yes, the meizu pro 5, on the paper, seems to be the best device available (and it is dual-sim). But it is quite difficult to find, and the documentation says that Ubuntu touch cannot be ported to the android version,

    This is not correct information. UT CAN be ported to the Android version - it just requires a number of additional steps to do so. Info on how to do so is at

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic
    Wow thanks for the tip. It looks tricky but not impossible at all. If I find the device it will be my first choice, particularly because of the fingerprint reader and dual-Sim capacity.

  • @canadien666 said in Is UT efficient for a daily drive ?:


    To me, what is missing is a video player : no VLC, no Kodi, no possibility to read .m3u playlist, and possible extension crashes. This is a No-Go for me but I understand it is not easy to (dedicate time to) make software, so I am patient. Honestly, it is a big lack for me I hope it will come one day.

  • @prog-amateur VLC (the GTK version) works quite well in a Libertine container. The controls are of a necessity not very touch friendly, especially not on a small screen. But if you navigate to the file you want to play in the file browser, you can select VLC to open it with.

  • @arubislander Do you have the link to the right VLC package ? Thank you in advance.

  • @arubislander thank you very much. I remember we (you or somebody else) have discussed this point in another topic. Same as @domubpkm : do you have any easy "how to" do it ? I have found a Libertine tutorial and it is not so easy to understand. Thank you !

  • @prog-amateur , @domubpkm : Is your question about installing VLC in a Libertine container, or more specifically about creating a Libertine container in the first place?

  • @arubislander : my strategy was to install a Libertine container first, then install VLC.
    However, I could never install any container because it was not so clear to me (I know a few Linux commands but the tutorial I have found on Internet was complex).

    If you know an easy way to install VLC as a Libertine container, please feel free to tell us, thank you very much !

    Something I also regret is no Anbox for the Nexus 7 : maybe this would have solved the VLC/Kodi/another need.

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