Anbindung der Konten geht nicht (The accounts cannot be linked)

  • ich bin sehr begeistert von UBports gefällt mir sehr gut. Es gibt noch eine Menge an Bugs so wie die Konten Anbindung wie Kontakte am Evernote Google Microsoft ,damit man alle seine Kontakte hier zusammen führen kann. Die mir so fehlen.

    Der zweite Aspekt ist der Browser ,der nicht schlecht ist doch von den Einstellungen doch verbessert werden könnte,wie zum einen das vergrößert werden kann was man lesen möchte und somit die Seite der Buchstaben manchmal was grö$er sein Düften. Was hier leider nicht geht. Das aber auch an manch anderer Stelle fehlt.
    Dazu genauso der Dark Modus so wie man das an der Tastertur einstellen kann fehlt hierbei . Was wünschenswerter Weiße verbessert werden könnte.
    Da ich ihn auf dem Desktop genauso nutze. !
    Als nächstes was mir auffällige geworden ist,das man wie hier im Forum Bilder nicht so einbinden kann was hier leider genauso fehlt.
    Genauso wäre es begrüßenswert wenn hier das Terminal genutzt werden kann um sich einige Dinge wie Libere Office nach zu installieren.
    Doch alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden . Wie mit der Tastatur die wie wenn man drücken tut einzelnen Buchstaben am Vibriere ist..Doch ansonsten ein echt tolles Hyleid ist. 😁 Also weiter so ,ich werde Werbung machen für eine echte Alternative an Betriebssystem. Einfach klasse.

    carrabelloy 41 minutes ago

    I am very enthusiastic about UBports. There are still a lot of bugs like the account connection like contacts on Evernote Google Microsoft, so that you can bring all your contacts together here. I miss so much.

    The second aspect is the browser, which is not bad but could be improved by the settings, how on the one hand you can enlarge what you want to read and thus the side of the letters sometimes what smells bigger. Which is unfortunately not possible here. But that is also missing in some other places.
    The dark mode as well as how you can set it on the keyboard door is missing here. What more desirable whites could be improved.
    Since I use it on the desktop as well. !
    The next thing that caught my eye is that you can't integrate pictures like here in the forum, which unfortunately is also missing here.
    It would also be welcomed if the terminal could be used to install some things like Libere Office.
    But all in all, I'm very happy. As with the keyboard which is like when you press individual letters on the vibrate ... But otherwise it's a really great hideaway. Weiter So keep it up, I'm going to advertise a real alternative to the operating system. Simply great

  • Tu m'excusera j'ai pas tout compris...

  • Only english please.
    Adressbooks: can be imported with .vcf
    DarkMode: can be enabled with the TweakTool
    LibreOffice and other desktop apps: can be installed via libertine (in settings)

  • @carrabelloy Hi, This forum is conducted in English so I have added a translation to your original post. Thanks for your understanding.

  • @thilov fehlt doch trotzdem eine Mehrsprachig abteilung ,für Deutsch und weitere Sprachen.

  • @Lakotaubp auch ihnen muß ich sagen hier fehlt Mehrsprachig Plätze. Da man nicht allen English so schmackhaft machen kann,wie UBports.von daher bitte Nachbessern . Danke

  • @carrabelloy Thank you for your appreciation of UT. However a decision has been made that for the benefit of all this forum is to be conducted in English. Yes we know English is not every ones first or preferred language but that is the decision and what we expect. As has been pointed out there are specific language groups on TELEports/Telegram if you prefer to use that. We will not be chasing you round the forum providing translations, all future posts not in English or without at least a translation will be removed. This is for the benefit of all Forum users whatever their language preference.

  • @Lakotaubp At the same time it is a discrimination of a group that does not give priority to the English language, which I find a pity. I hope that in retrospect people are not excluded from UBports, because then it is 40% of the world. This is my opinion about it. Thank you for your answer. And a lot of success in the english speaking tube of the forum. I think that hopefully a group of people will decide to connect it in German in the same way or to set it up. After all, everyone should get something out of it. All the best for the future

    Translated with (version)

  • @carrabelloy
    Problem is if other languages are allowed, all experiences of these users will not be reachable to people that do not speak this language.

    Fact is english is now the "universal" language, like it or not, that is.

    I woul like to talk in my language rather than use english too, but i can't do this, period.

    F*****g Napoleon who lost Waterloo... 😅

    Like said @Lakotaubp, use both german and english to post here, at least.

  • No, there is no discrimination. Nobody is stopping anybody to open a german, spain or whatever forum.
    You are very welcome in the german telegram (or matrix) group where you probably will get any help you need.

  • @Keneda Watch the language please. You never know who is using the forum.

  • @thilov I dunk them, I'm already active there. Only I like to read what the rest of them think. And I'm doing fine. Except for bugs like accounts from Google & Evernote. When I am redirected to the Morph Browser the keyboard doesn't come up. Or you want to log in to Google to get the data, which is not possible. But otherwise I am very satisfied with the result. I love my touch already very much. I wish you and all others a nice day. !

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  • @Lakotaubp said in Anbindung der Konten geht nicht (The accounts cannot be linked):

    @Keneda Watch the language please. You never know who is using the forum.

    Sorry, I'm taking care of it. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I wish you like everybody here a rain of information exchange.

  • @carrabelloy That reply was for @Keneda not you, but thanks anyway.

  • @carrabelloy said in Anbindung der Konten geht nicht (The accounts cannot be linked):

    Sorry, I'm taking care of it. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I wish you like everybody here a rain of information exchange.

    It wasn't meant for you 🙂
    But that's something everyone has to keep in mind.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @carrabelloy
    You've been asked several time to use English in this forum.
    Please stop using German or Dutch or whatever, it's seen as spam and I'll have to take measures in order to stop it.

  • @carrabelloy Translation please or this post will be removed. You know the Forum rules by now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @carrabelloy This is not aimed at you personally or the German language but a decision has been made to conduct the Forum in English or for a translation to be provided for the benefit of everyone regardless of ethnicity or first language. This is not the first time you have been made aware of this. We have many language groups available including German which you may prefer using So as I have said please provide a translation to go with the original or it will be removed.

    For ref:

    Lakotaubp 31 May 2020, 06:28

    @carrabelloy As has been mentioned to you before this forum is, for the benefit of all conducted in English. There are many different language speakers in this forum and providing translations to each is not possible. So that the vast majority can participate as fully as possible English has been decided upon.

    Please respect them and the Forum rules. At the very least you could provide a translation. I will add one this time but not again. In the future not doing so will result in the post being removed. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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