Ubuntu Touch Q&A 81 Saturday 1st Of August At 19:00 UTC

  • @AppLee said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 81 Saturday 1st Of August At 19:00 UTC:

    Oh, it's near the same.

    😨 😨 😨

    Meaning? It can't be solved?

    Tried to get an answer to that in this post your comment seems to imply that there's no solution to this problem. If 'it's near the same' as Pinephone camera problem I take it that if one can be resolved the Oneplus problem can be too?

    edit: Inserted link

  • @3T_Ed Couple of things, just as a cover all please see comment about covering bugs on the Q&A in the first post of this thread. What @AppLee is saying is that the issue is known about and being worked on and when fixed that will be incorporated into the OS for each device. The OP3/T is not the only in dev device affected by this is as you will know, with even those two being affected in different ways. The camera works for me on the OP3 but not the video which is the more general case I think on devices.

  • Unfortunately, the Volla Phone doesn't have notification LEDs : a great lack for all those who like this mechanism like me and i think this mechanism is part of the soul of UT: do you envisage a workaround, for example by playing with the screen and its lighting?

  • I'm hoping you will address the following problems with the Pinephone.

    #1. The Headphone jack doesn't work on the Pinephone.
    #2. The battery life is so bad that it drains my device after only a few hours of non-use.
    #3. The SD Card is basically useless on the device (music is not recognized).

    I would have thought that the headphone problem in particular would have been resolved by now. πŸ˜•

  • @joelandsonja Hello, you are better off reporting your problems in the Pinephone gitlab HERE

    Your problems are already known, however, and will also not be answered in the Q&A as they are "bug questions". Hope that helps.

  • Is there an update on VoLTE networks like Verizon becoming compatible with UT on the PinePhone? I understand there are more general issues with UT and the PP that effect far more people, but I was hoping the recent success with Mobian on Verizon might mean a solution is near. Thanks in advance for any answer even if it’s no. In a year my contract will be up and I’ll give AT&T a try if it gets me on my PP with UT full time.

  • Hi everyone. It's me Barz. I have Some questions for you:

    Marious: The Manjaro ARM that uses Lomiri as User Interface, the software that is available in Manjaro it is displayed in the Ubuntu Touch Menu, it has it's own LXC container? Or to use Manjaro Apps, you have to boot in Manjaro ARM interface? I'm curious.

    Alfred: If I have a device that Postmarket OS have been installed, is there a possibility of success installing Ubuntu Touch? The tablet is a Samsung galaxy tab 3, but I believe that some people might have a similar question with some other devices they own, I guess.

    Florian: Do you think that is there a chance that the chicken has more grease than turkey meat? Anyway thanks for your efforts in the project.

    Dalton: About the politically correct that some communities have around the inter-webs. There are some offensive terms related to linux and programming. There are some examples like "Master", "Slave", "blacklist", "whitelist". I haven't seen anything related in the forums, so I have to congratulate all of you for the respect that is among the community. A round of applause for all the people in the Ubuntu Touch project . . . Anyway (awkward silence), the question I have left for you, Dalton . . . Is: Do you think that is a good idea to change the term "Master" instead of "Harvest", and "Slave" by "potato", so doing repositories in gitlab or github could be more related to farmville, or using those terms are politically incorrect as well? What do you think? For the "-lists" I would say a "Yes-list" and a "No-list". To do some chit-chat in the Q&A all the participants can be creative about it. Cheers.

  • @thousandtopics How about green-list and red-list

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  • @rocket2nfinity that was my thought. Frankly red and green make more sense due to social convention with traffic signals.

    Master-slave though... I must say it seems accurate. One device is fully in control. But I couldn't think of an example that isn't hard drive related. Generaly I encounter 'master' in reference to the master branch of a repository, which involves no concept of slavery but branches as of a tree.

    @thousandtopics Where else does master-slave come up?

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  • @thousandtopics Please keep on topic and abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct when posting in here.

    Your comments are not funny, and do not provide any actual questions to be answered in the Q&A.

  • Shall we ever be able to boot from a mainline kernel and from an SD card on Android devices?

  • @dobey as long as the forum let me, I'm going to edit my post-comment

  • @thousandtopics @dobey Is correct on this. This thread is for Q&A questions and that only. We have an Off Topic section for items not related directly to UBports or Ubuntu Touch issues.
    Your first post started OK, then went way off in tone and direction it was also condescending to those you mentioned. The topic may have merit though it's not totally clear which side you are on but this is not the place for that discussion and please be more respectful of your fellow community members. Thank you.

  • What's going on with the guys from Shiftphones?

  • @Lakotaubp . . . right, I did take a bad direction in the comments. I'm sorry for my bad behavior.

  • @thousandtopics - how about we get the phones working?

  • @marlboro50 good question

  • @UBportsNews I have understood from previous Q&A sessions that some of the major development goals include:

    • moving to systemd
    • moving to 20.04 base
    • moving to wayland

    Any updates on these goals and how they inter-relate? systemd for example we heard briefly from Marius went better than expected when working on Lomiri for Manjaro Arm.

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