Problem with shutdown/poweroff

  • Normally I poweroff my E4.5 over night. But when I tap on "poweroff" lomiri seems to restart and after a few seconds im back on the lock-screen.
    I think this behaviour is since OTA-12. The last time I've paid attention to exactly tap on the first button (poweroff) and not the second one (restart), so I think I could say that this is not the problem.
    Has someone else observed this behaviour too?

  • @kristatos works fine on my BQ M10 (dev and stable)

  • What does it mean : you can't power off your BQ E 4.5 ?

  • @kristatos
    Seems strange can you reproduce it anytime or is it a bit random ?
    It works fine with the N5.

    My guess is maybe the bug leads to a crash of Lomiri, causing it to respawn.

  • I can confirm this behaviour, I have an E4.5 and a M10 FHD and both make frequently a restart, when I hit power off. I think the second time it works normally. I can't find any rules behind, it seems randomly for me. Possibly it is only after they have been running for a while? Testing right now I can't reproduce it. But I always wait and check weather the device is really powered off.

    I think the bigger problem is, even when charging the M10 in powered off status, I come back after some time and the M10 is running again without having it restarted manually. If I had the screensaver disabled possibly the screen was on for hours.

  • At the first tap I think about 80% of trying to poweroff ends up in a lomiri-restart. After the restart, so at the second try, it's going to power off as aspected (AFAIR it's working on every second try like @herr-b said).

  • @thilov +1

  • I think this is a long standing bug and I'm not sure if a bug is logged about this.
    What happens is that sometimes (actually happens a bit frequently in my experience), is when you reboot or shutdown, Unity8/Lomiri just restarts so no reboot or shutdown actually happens. I believe I experienced this in all of my UT devices.

  • @kristatos Try closing all apps before. Its probably out of memory, E4.5 with 1GB is really a problem sometimes with RAM consumption.

  • @Flohack Thanks for the advice, that could be a problem indeed. I'll have a look at it the next days.

  • Never happened on my MX4, any version of uT, canonical or ubports.

  • @Flohack I think you had the right idea. The last couple of days I closed all opened apps before shutting down the device and there was no crash/restart of lomiri. So it could be that the issue is depending on the lower amount of ram. I will observe this behaviour. Thanks.

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