OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features

  • @Vehi_MV To make a fs rw I do not need some tool apart of mount, but I always, since the beginnung of UT, I said it is no a good idea making this partitions rw. How OTA should work on such modifications?
    You have been warned.

  • I think, it's still needed to inproof the core-apps:
    Bluetooth needs to work better with other devices. In my case: Meizu MX4 can connect to NAVIGON 70pro car-navigation, but can't make calls with it and other functions don't work.
    Camera app has very low qualitiy and some settings don't work together. If I turn HDR on, then flashlight gets off, and so on.
    Music app should be more comfortable and start faster. Sometimes stops playing without reason.

  • The most important for me are the fixes for Meizu Pro 5 - I have reported a few bugs related to this device and those bugs are making my phone not fully reliable (and it's important for me, as Pro 5 is my daily driver).

    Other than that:

    • T9 dialer
    • Custom SMS sound
    • Possibly per-app notification sound (so that Dekko/Telegram notification sound can be different from the SMS one)
    • How about listing mediahub apps in sound indicator? It could list the apps, but hide the control buttons where no app is open. When you open the app, it could jump to the top of the list and display the controls.
    • System/OpenStore app updates using the transfer indicator, so that they could be downloaded and installed in background and multiple ones simultaneously.

  • Pick one (any) convergent user story and make it a perfect experience out of the box.

    For example: I receive an email from a coworker asking me to work on some spreadsheet. Dock phone and work desktop style, listening to music on my headphones. Realise I miss some info. Text another person with a question. Receive a phone call interupting me. Take the phone out of the dock and talk while I walk to the coffee shop. End the call and finish the spreadsheet on the phone/tablet interface in the coffee shop. Email the file back.

    All those features are kinda there, but there are a bunch of usability features that kill this (and similar) workflows. I would suggest you draft a story like this, then test it and prioritise any bugs you run into. Docking ain't reliable - fix this. Email app closes and interrupts my drafting when switching to browser /spreadsheet - fix that. Out of the box UI scaling for localc doesn't allow me to work efficiently on a tablet display - fix it.

    No need to make everything perfect, but pick one story and maybe one device and make that one really shine. If it ain't the "mobile office work" above it could be the visual artist - now you need to make sure that krita works perfectly on the tablet - does taht require better touch input in xmir well then this is your top prio feature. Or maybe its wayland on mir. The user is not gonna care as long as the workflow is awesome.

    Pick a story that is achievable, but sets ubports apart from ios/android. Getting krita to run is too hard - what about preparing, adjusting and giving a presentation from the phone including live pdf annotation xournal style.

    Make sure to produce a release video that shows off! Focus on the added value for the user instead of the technical feature of how you adjusted the dpi for Xmir or whatever.

  • I think wireless display / aethercast for fairphone 2, because it hasn't hdmi/slimport/MHL... It would be a great feature for all devices of course.

  • @guru said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    It took me some time, but here we go: You can check on the cmd line which apps are excepted from getting the suspend signal if not on display with the following command (which shows the app names in my BQ E4.5, running Canonical's OTA-15):
    gsettings get com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids
    ['com.ubuntu.music', 'com.ubuntu.terminal', 'webbrowser-app', 'dekko.dekkoproject', 'mediaplayer-app']
    and you can add some app identifier (as I did long ago) with:
    gsettings set com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids "['com.ubuntu.music', 'com.ubuntu.terminal']"
    It seems to me, that the display server MIR is sending the suspend signal to all other app loosing the display by being slided away.

    This way, will the app consume more power when it is not doing anything as well? Will it still suspend when i press the button, or will i have to remember to quit the app before suspending?

  • Maybe just to focus on bugfixes? The list is growing steadily and this should be dealt with as a priority. In the end we want a stable OS, that can be showcased, presented...would attract more users if Ubports stable is rock solid.

  • @hans1977se I can't answer this with 100% sure. I think that apps which are not doing anything will not consume power. I see, when I listen some livestream in a browser and have Dekko running on display, that after some time the devices goes black, but the stream continues playing.

  • I would like to see the following:

    E4.5 & 5 in core devices, as stated due to the numbers out there

    Greater Dekko support and development as this is the only multi-client email app out there. E.g. being able to send from Office 360 accounts, being able to set up Proton Mail accounts, email displays for Facebook emails…

    Ability to close the phone down without it rebooting

    Browser development e.g. only your last 8 (ish) tabs are restored on boot-up

    The ability to use Hangouts and/or skype to make video calls where you do not have to tilt your head

    Telegram to stop flashing the indicator light, when you have viewed the message on another device.

    Greater freedom around themes and the front lock screen

    For the lock screen to auto rotate.

    Being able to have sound coming from both the device and the connected Bluetooth speakers

    Dare I say it (wait for the backlash lol) a way to use Whatsapp

    Last but not lease, the ability to dual boot...

  • The above list I have added is on top of all the current outstanding bugs to be fixed. If the majority of them are not fixed, there is not much point thinking about new features, when the platform we are building on is not stable.

  • @mariogrip
    Why implementing new features in OTA3?
    Maybe it's better investing your development energy to Xenial, as it was already working on my M10 FHD in March 2017, developed by Canonical. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2irCIUkVK4U&t=970s

  • @Vehi_MV said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    I would like to see bluteooth getting some attention, so we could use the phone for calls in our cars.
    Thank you.


  • @WLBI We discussed this some time ago, and we figured out there is a lot more to do for Xenial to make it available on all devices that we want to support. We cannot just increase M10 to 16.04 and tell all others to wait.

    Such an update should come to all users at the same day. So, as we know 16.04 will take longer, why not keep improving what we have, as these improvements can be taken over to 16.04 easily.

    If we would go to Hibernate mode now and dont do any OTAs people will leave the project. And I can tell you, to reach 16.04 on all devices, the hibernation could last some months 😉


  • @hans1977se You can do this using the "UT Tweak Tool" app. Go to the applications menu and select an app. There's a check box called something like "avoid the suspension of the application". It is not selected by default. Thanks to that option I'm able to listen to music or have skype calls and do something else at the same time. It even works with the screen switched off.

  • My wishlist is:

    • less crashes! I often have the browser or the telegram client stuck in the loading screen forever or the phone gets slow and then reboots.

    • better browser. The current one seems to be old (some pages don't work)

    • better telegram client. The current client behaves really weird sometimes, especially when I have bad mobile connection. Also I can't join the UBPorts whatsapp group on my UBPorts phone. >_<

    • Some solution to run stuff in the background! No background processes just kills so many stuff with this phone.
      For example: Useful stuff like the Weather or Nearby scopes are just useless when they just start searching the GPS and then loading data when I open them. I don't want to wait 5 minutes to see the currently correct info. Especially in scopes! They should periodically update position and data or they are just useless.
      Not to mention the strange messaging method of the telegram client to get push notifications to work.

  • @mariogrip UBports Nexus 5 phone has incorporated Anbox, and when a touch tablet is connected with a Slimport to HDMI adapter it is able to display Main Stage and Side Stage for multitasking:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JtJeyJniwY Ubuntu Tablet games - Balls side stage

  • Please get the camera working for the OnePlus One!

  • @guru Thanks for your help. What is left now is to try, and hopefully the battery life does not decrease noticeable. 🙂

  • @RedXXIII I have seen this, but thought it would impact a lot on battery time. Did you notice any impact on battery time when tweaking this?

  • @Glatorius Updates to the browser would be really nice. I also think that Telegram improvements would be a good thing as we run the risk of being left too far behind the other branches of this app. Which is not a good thing as Telegram is the main (if not only) chat app we can use.

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