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  • @Frank Hello and welcome to UBports and Ubuntu Touch have a here https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome for some info you might find useful. Most importantly enjoy Ubuntu Touch.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm not sure I should reply here, since this topic isn't pinned, and nobody replied to it for the past 6 months. ๐Ÿ˜œ

    I've registered to the forum 3 weeks ago, but in any case: I've been a Ubuntu desktop user since 2007/2008, I was once a wiki admin and contributor for the Ubuntu-fr.org community, and I've contributed to the FreeCAD community from 2010 until now, among other things being a wiki admin (FreeCAD is an open source parametric CAD program that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS).

    I've been wanting to free myself of Google's clutches for a while, and salvaging a discarded Nexus 5 with a cracked screen gave me the opportunity to test UT on it. I was really impressed with the ease of use of the UBports installer! Soon after I purchased a used OnePlus One because the N5 simply doesn't have enough storage space for me (16GB). My goal is to make the OPO my daily driver once I've set up everything I need.

    I must say that I find the user documentation for UT sorely lacking, struggling at first to do the most simple tasks. I found useful info in the blogs, which should be found in the documentation, IMHO. Consequently I'm thinking about trying to contribute to it.

    That's about it for now... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ



  • @normandc yes, this thread is still alive. It isn't pinned because we decided to pin this https://forums.ubports.com/topic/176/welcome-to-the-ubports-forums ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome btw!

    Edit: and your contributions to the documentation are welcome too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @advocatux
    Thanks, I had read that topic but not noticed the link to this one in it.

    I will write a topic in General about documentation contribution.

  • Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that Ubuntu Touch is dead but I see that "Dead can dance". I currently looking for some good smartphone to install UT. I would like to test it for web development. I want to install NodeJS, Atom, etc. and test the performance. The first problem I have is choosing a smartphone for that purpose.
    May the force be with you.

  • Hi, I'm a danish librarian with a background in comparative literature, and a place in my heart for Free Software. I've been using UT on my nexus 5 for a little more than a year now, and have recently made the switch to OpO. Never looked back. I simply love the community around this OS and seeing the apps and functions grow.
    Planning on giving the N5 to a friend of mine, that I'm trying to get hooked on UT too.

    If he doesn't want it, I'll mail it to some tech-media in Denmark, along with a letter of introduction - to get UBports some mention.

    Seeing as there is a marketing group - what about an activism group?, or does that fall under the same category?

    I also really love the 'eco'/'green' aspect of this OS - and most FLOSS in general - that it enables you to buy used hardware and give it new life. For instance, my OpO is made out of 100% reused materials, since I bought it second hand.

    Huge thanks to everyone involved in this magnificent OS!

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Florian and Iยดm from the north-west of germany ("Ostfriesland")... I`m an interested user in all kind of open source, and I like free-thinking in general...

    Two or three years before I owned a E5 and a M10FHD. Then I stopped using UT, but now Iยดm back on it... But now with a Nexus 5 and a M10HD. My old devices are no more mine...

    I like UT very much, but I need some support from community...

    Best regards!


  • @1896er That's what we are here for๐Ÿ˜€ Have a look around and ask away. Use the Meet the Community link above your post to find out more.

  • Hi all!
    My name is Beduries and I live in the south-west of Germany, next to France and Switzerland.
    I have nothing in common with computing. I work in a city administration as a civil registry clerk.

    I like the spirit of UT and used it in the year 2017 on my smartphone without an alternative. Despite of missing a tasks app like by Android, I use UT on an OPO device on the evenings to read and surf through the internet. I hope to change back someday to UT.

    Kind regards


  • @Beduries Hello and welcome. Use this link for some useful info https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Hello,
    I'm TA. I waited for UT to come out. Then when it did it only worked on a few phones. Now that there are some affordable choices I do see a Linux phone in my future. I just so happen to have a ZTE R2. So I think I'm looking at this https://github.com/thojohns/android_kernel_zte_z5151 .
    Not sure what I can do here. But I'm willing and eager to do what I can.

  • @TA Hi please use the link in the post above this to start with. These are the current supported devices https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ and the PinePhone is expected March next year. Porting here.

  • Hi, I am Rudi alias Pingu from Germany and I am older than Flohack ! (7years ), but I do not know to much about IT I am just an user. I like opensource. I do not like Windows, Apple, Googel Android, Facebook, Whats app! I use on Desktop Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Puppy Linux. My Smartphone is Jolla Sailfish OS Xperia X and for sure Ubuntu touch nexus 5! My messenger is conversations f-droid, Gajim and Profanity . I am verry glad that you people try to keep up with ubuntu touch . Thanks a lot to everybody ! At the beginning of UT I did some Translation thats all what I could do and donated some money. Keep on going please you are all doing good jobs thank you .

  • @Pingu welcome aboard you might find this useful https://ubports.com/meet-the-community and remember age is not a barrier. Some here would consider Flohack quite young ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Lakotaubp I just installed riot in ubuntu and can now join the german ubports - where are you at?

  • Hello cela here, been using a Nexus 5 on Ubuntu Touch as my main phone for the last 6 months, happy with it and happy to be free from Android, it does all I need.

    I am interested in open software and hardware and plan to get a Pinephone when it is on general sale so I can have an 100% android blob free Linux Ubuntu Touch phone.
    I hope that Ubuntu touch retains its uniqueness,I feel it must look and feel different to the big 2.

    I would hate to see Anbox become a core app, the way forward is we must have more applications on the open store, I hope contribute soon.

  • @cela Welcome and have a look here for some basic info then just jump in https://ubports.com/meet-the-community. Any further questions just ask.

  • @CiberSheep hey man thx for lone wolf if that was you I had so much fun going through these adventures ^^

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