Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!

  • @Lt-Dillinger Hello and welcome to UBports and Ubuntu Touch. You may find this link of use https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • @NeoTheThird , @Kaizen (new website design)

    On a positive critical note, I can't help but noticing that everyone introducing him/her self gets a friendly reply including the URL to 'meet the community'.

    May I suggest we have a pinned post on the forum main page dedicated to new forum members' options to contribute to the community efforts?

    After reading the pinned posts they should no longer appear as long as the user is logged in/password stored (unless signed in again)

    Perhaps Jan (as OP @NeoTheThird) could amend his first post on this thread too?

    Edit: Example here: https://forums.puri.sm/

  • @Lt-Dillinger Welcome, Ron. 🤝 🙂

  • @3T_Ed Yes, something I trying to solve, also on my learning curve.

  • Little about myself, I am a father for twins, and husband, product designer, drone builder, metalhead, punk rocker, motorcyclist, an anarchist at night capitalist at day. Here to break some rules, and build cool things.

  • Hi there. My name is Bob from the Netherlands.
    I bought a oneplus one last week and jumped on the train again. I had on my nexus 7 ubuntu touch before. But i was thinking lets check out the state of this great project again. Battery performance is much better than before!! Super nice.
    Im a designer, wordpress specialist, and a pretty decent photographer.

    I hope to be in use somehow. But as a non programmer i'm limited in developing in the mobile os.

  • Hi and welcome @Ghostdog

    Here you can find some useful info about how to get involved: https://ubports.com/meet-the-community
    And it was repeated during the last Q&A, you can also help by testing, reporting bugs, confirming them or doing triage.
    So if you're interested in helping this way you can try and contact Dalton through his many contacts.
    Check out the video of the last Q&A to get the original request 😉 (around 18'40")
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-NIgbHgSRc and soon in the blog.

  • @Kaizen Welcome. 🖐🏻

  • @Ghostdog Greetings, Bob. 🙂

  • Banned

    I own the BQ E4.5 OTA-15 and BQ M10 HD OTA-15. All PC in my house whit ubuntu, for 10 years ago, without windows partition 😉

  • @singhharry12 Greetings! 🙂

  • @singhharry12 Welcome, sounds like your still on the canonical version of UT. Time to update.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moved for @benklaasen

    Hello From Ben the Irishman

    Hi! I'm Ben.

    I'm a longtime Linux user and free software advocate. I self-host my own Nextcloud instance and I'm a decentralised software advocate. I think we're on the brink of a new dawn in free-software-powered, privacy-focused phone operating systems.

    I'm running a Fairphone with /e/ OS. I chose it over UBports for its strong Nextcloud support. I have a OnePlus One running UBports but it's not my daily driver. I want to see UBports succeed.

    I'm volunteering to contribute to the project in whatever way I can. I heard Dalton putting out the call for writers on Ubuntu Touch Q&A 81 so I pinged @Kaizen on Telegram. He's full of ideas for how we can improve the message and branding of the project, so I'm jumping onto his project to help out.

    English is my first language. I have excellent writing skills, especially in the use of correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I live in Ireland, so the English I speak and write is closer to British English than American English, but I can adopt either style (and vocabulary).

    I'm a technical software tester by trade, so in my day job I work at the interface between business and technology people. I've learned how to communicate comfortably with both groups, and how to translate desires and concepts from one domain to the other. I have a strong knowledge of software engineering fundamentals, a passion for the history of the field of computing and I take delight in communicating the power and flexibility of free software to anyone who'll listen!


  • Hi! I'm artem, from Ukraine. It's in Europe:) I'm 21. I think Ubuntu touch it's awesome! God bless you ubports!

  • @nexus5 Welcome and have a look here https://ubports.com/meet-the-community for things of interest.

  • Well I'm Dave. I started using Linux when my Windows 98 machine crashed and a friend recommended Linux Slackware in 2000/2001.

    I been using Linux ever since. From Red Hat to Ubuntu and everything in between.

    So when I heard of a cellphone can run without Google and Apple I had to try it.

    So my very first cellphone had to a LG Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch. I don't have a need for the phone part. That part is useless to me. House phone is good enough for me for my telephone needs.

    What I want the Nexus 5 to do is be a remote control for my desktop. By the way the desktop is a dual boot Mandrake and Ubuntu Zoran.

    So I had this cellphone for one day and like everything new to has to be pain to me. So I can here looking for help with my wifi problem.

    Hey want to know something else. This also my first time using a forum. Heck I never even used social media before.

    I never did MySpace or any of that Twitter junk. I basically keep to myself and away from sites like that.

    So I said why not try and see what I get. Who knows I might be able to help others as I learn about Ubuntu Touch. Plus I could be a big help with big computer version of Linux. With all them years under my belt of Linux use. I'm sure my experience could come in handy here.

    Thanks for reading and let's learn together


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