Observations on battery life - please share your experiences

  • @lakotaubp I've been doing some research on the life of lithium based batteries for last few days.

    They don't have any memory like effect as in the older Ni-Cad batteries. What might damage the lithium battery is dropping the battery charge to 0% and leaving it for long time. Charging it to 100% all the time only makes the charging cycles less. It is better to charge up to 80% to get more charging cycles from the battery. Short charging the battery also helps it.

    When the mobile phone goes to sleep, some apps are still working depleting energy. If the phone is completely off, no apps are working, you'd get practically the same battery level the next day, when you boot it up, but that's not what a mobile phone is for. It should be on all night, all day.

  • @chdslv no, sorry, that makes no sense. This is a good article about that topic: https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a15731/best-way-to-keep-li-ion-batteries-charged/

    And the real enemy of lithium-ion batteries is heat btw :)

  • @advocatux From the article you linked.

    "That old saw about how you always need to charge you battery all the way up, and use it until it's dead? Memory effect, as it's called, affects NiMH batteries but it doesn't apply to your phone. In fact, you're phone's battery hates when you do that. Similarly, lithium-ion batteries don't need to be "calibrated" with a full charge and a full discharge when they're new."

    "A lithium-ion battery typically charges in two stages. First comes the process called constant current charging."

    "When the battery is 70 percent recharged, the procedure changes and flips over to constant voltage charging. During this second stage, the charger makes sure that the voltage—that is, the difference in current between the battery and the charger—stays the same rather than keeping the current constant. Practically, this means that as the battery gets closer to full, the current the charger sends into it decreases. As the battery gets full, the rate at which it charges slows down. Once you reach 100 percent, the charge simply trickles in, just enough to account for the tiny, tiny bit of charge your battery loses naturally over time."

    Anyway, the 100% charge the battery until the icon becomes white is not exactly correct. Usage of the energy depends on how much the apps use them, over time. Apps use the energy they need, disregarding the level of energy in the phone battery. And a mobile phone sleeps most of the time.

    Finding a fresh, new OEM Li-Ion battery for our few years old phone is pretty hard -- out of production for a year or two.

  • @advocatux Charge cycle management is how to extend battery life. Discharging down to 10-20% and only charging to 80-90%, depending on the specific battery specs, will optimize battery life span.

    But that is completely unrelated to whether the hardware (and any software running on it), is using the battery optimally, or wasting it.

    I don't think we need to discuss overall lifespan problems of Li-Ion batteries in this thread. It's pretty unrelated to whether UT has bugs affecting daily discharge rates.

  • @alan_g said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    Next time I see this I should open a terminal, run "top" and capture the screen. It might give an additional clue. (Other suggestions welcome.)

    I've now done this:

    1. When I spotted the problem:



    1. After attempting to "shutdown", when it seems to simply restart Unity8:


    1. After forcing power off and restarting:


    1. An hour later:


  • @alan_g So is ofonod the culprit? In my Nexus 5, it seems it got fear to be discovered because it hasn't done this for more than 20 days. My battery is lasting now all day long when it doesn't enter into this process.

  • @wgarcia said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    @alan_g So is ofonod the culprit? In my Nexus 5, it seems it got fear to be discovered because it hasn't done this for more than 20 days. My battery is lasting now all day long when it doesn't enter into this process.

    This is one data point. ofonod may well be the culprit. Alternatively, it may be a victim.

  • And it seems that we're not the only ones to see this:

    asked Aug 17 '18

    I am using sailfish X, on xperia X device.

    Once in a while, I notice that my device gets hot, and its battery drains quickly. top shows that this is due do ofonod process, run by user radio.


  • As I already said I have this problem on my Nexus 5, which is still also loosing a lot of power in stand-by-mode (but I haven't updated phone bios until now!). But I do not have this problem on my BQ E5, which is regarding energy management phenomenal!

    But I can remember some versions from canonical at the end of 2015, where my BQ E5 had a comparable behaviour of charge levels as the graph of @alan_g shows. At that time some days later a new version came and this problem was not existing anymore. Don't know if that helps here.

  • Edge channel this started to happen to me also from the last 1-2 weeks

  • I went back to OPO as my daily driver a few days ago. It has been while since I used it daily as I have had Pro 5 as my main device for some time.

    Now, with the OPO on the devel channel, I can conclude that battery performance is pretty poor. Today, I took it off the charger (fully charged) at 06:40am, have done a couple of phone calls and some e-mailing with Dekko. That aside, very light use. I have all radios enabled (and bluetooth connected to my Pebble smartwatch), but have mostly been on WiFi. At 12:40, the battery was down to 40%, which equals an average hourly drain of 10%. That is considerably worse than my Pro 5 under similar conditions.

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