• Hello everyone,

    I come to present you "Launcher Modular".
    Officially released this morning!
    We want to live again the scopes but with a possibility of implementation facilitated.

    alt text

    For now the leash is not very flexible and the installation of scope and widget is not possible, but it is expected ...

    Here is the installation link:

    Warning !!!! Thank you for restoring the default launcher in the settings before any uninstall

    I look forward to your opinion and suggestion ...

    For the bug it goes through the: https://framagit.org/ubuntouch-fr-dev/launcher-modular/issues
    and the translations are here:

    Thank you all.

  • You preceded me by a few seconds! I was just about to post: "what do you think of ...." 🙂

  • It seems to me an interesting project and with excellent potential. I reported some error on Framagit.
    Thanks for the excellent work you do.

  • @GIEMME said in Launcher Modular:

    It seems to me an interesting project and with excellent potential. I reported some error on Framagit.
    Thanks for the excellent work you do.

    Thank you very much for your issues

    I just looked at them and I answered on them.

  • I really like this, but on my Nexus 5 the battery drain is horrific (like 100-18% in a matter of a few hours without using it). If you can get this issue fixed I'd love to use it.

  • I like too, good job guy. Installed and using, but after last UBports dev update it doesn't replace stock dash anymore

  • Looks great! good job! i have tried for various minutes and without considering few layout troubles with clock, wheather, calls and sms info will be a great alternative launcher or maybr an official xDD

  • in framagit version 0.0.7 has been released which fixes many small bugs. Does anyone know how much time passes for the release of the new version on the Openstore?

  • @rocky58 said in Launcher Modular:

    but after last UBports dev update it doesn't replace stock dash anymore

    In order to "activate" the launcher it has to modify the normally read-only rootfs that gets overwritten with each update.
    Which means that you have to activate the launcher again from its settings after an update.

  • It does not start on my Pro5, rc channel. Any suggestions?

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0.07 works on Pro5. Thanks!

  • In new version most layout problems has been fixed. Perhaps an option to select icon font size and the possibility to add more custom pages would be great. Good job!!!!!

  • Works with OPO on dev. Noticed this morning though that Favorite Apps now overlaps wording of Last Message. Didn't see that last night before updateing device this morning. Also had a difference in time between launcher and UT top of screen tool bar of an hour. That was corrected after a restart.
    Will see if same happens tomorrow.
    Remembered had tried search function this morning. That caused Favorite apps to appear powering off and on fixes that issue. Tried it twice as a test.

  • I really love it. I dont like the "normal homescreen/scope design" very much, but that launcher ist just terrific. I love it. 🙂

    Its acutally a thing I am hoping for the UBtouch community, that there will be different types of homescreens/launcher, from which user can choose, what they like most.

  • How to get news working? Nothing is shown and I have no idea what to enter in the "Filter (XPath)" setting.

    Otherwise this looks really nice, good job!

  • YAY! Battery drain issue seems to be fixed with the newest update!

  • Great work - many thanks for this, should be considered as the default UT launcher for the future ...

    is there any chance to get it work with the "ubuntu home button" ?

  • I really like this very promising app. Very good work !! 👍

    Result of a (bad 😁) experiment i done.... and ADVICE :
    before uninstalling this app ( i deleted cache/config/data before and done with UTT), containing a custom launcher, you must restore the initial launcher or risk ending up with a black screen without any app or web-app icon. Very embarrassing, I thought I was going to have to reflush my phone !! 😥

    Fortunately with the favorite bar that it persists and the Openstore app present inside (luckily !), I reinstalled Launcher Modular app, and restored the initial launcher ☺and uninstalled the app after without any bad effect...

    Enriching experience..

  • Love it! was waiting for something like this for ages. just one thing: could you please make it possible to add more favourite apps? i'd like to have all my favs on top 🙂