Survey "Feature Matrix" for UBports

  • Hello everyone,
    in order to better understand whatΒ΄s important for you when it comes to mobile device features please help me and answer the following survey: - we want to set minimum quality levels for ports and therefore need to know what makes a good device nowadays.

    Thanks Florian

  • @Flohack Done! Thanks for your incredible work!

  • @Flohack Done too! Thanks a lot for this survey! πŸ‘

  • Sorted πŸ™‚

  • Done, keep up the good work πŸ˜„

  • Filled in 20 times to give my needs more weight... Just kidding πŸ˜›
    No one would pay anyone to flash a device so far. 😬

  • @hummlbach

    No one would pay anyone to flash a device so far.

    If you're an early adopter, chances are you have technical skills. Why would you need to? I'm thinking as Ubuntu Touch gets more popular with the average person though, that will change.

    I'm wondering, is UBPorts thinking of stocking and selling UT flashed devices? I'm betting there is a market for it. A lot of people I know would buy one, but find even the install script too daunting. If it all just worked though.....

  • Done.
    It's hard to say that something isn't important...
    Missing the fingerprint sensor in the investigation. Added on.

  • @Flohack Great idea. Thank you!

    I'd also be curious to know:
    1 ) Main attraction(s) of Ubuntu Touch
    2 ) Main drawbacks or holdbacks from daily driving

  • @Flohack Thank you for this survey ! Nice idea

    However, I don't understand how the Weighted Average is computed.
    Example :

    Camera: Photo => Weighted Average 1.55
    Very important 54.55%
    Important 37.37%
    Nice to have 7.07%
    Unimportant 1.01%
    No answer 0%

    Misc: Wirelss charging => Weighted Average 3.21
    Very important 6.06%
    Important 8.08%
    Nice to have 42.42%
    Unimportant 40.4%
    No answer 3.03%

    Something seems wrong to me.

  • @Pulsar33 I made the weighting in a wrong way, higher number means less important. Its like school rating for your homework now ^^

  • @Pulsar33 If you want it reversed, subtract it from 5

  • @Flohack OK, no problem, thanks

  • @rocket2nfinity Well I think you are not right here, we have a lot of people that have 0 technical skills, also they never used Linux on a PC before, but they want to try out or even switch to Ubuntu Touch. We should not rest in the "Nerd" base too long, and thats why I put the question here.
    Fact is that many people struggle with the device installation, and one option would be to send your device to someone for installing it for a small fee or donation. But, it seems thats not a viable option.

  • @Flohack May I ask why not a viable option? I don't know how you would go about the logistics of setting up "service centers" around the world, but I'd volunteer my time setting up devices with UT on it as long as it did not become a full time job. I do it for everyone I know anyway.....

    Maybe a better way might be for someone to be able to order a sponsored device from UBPorts directly with UT already on it. But that would require UBPorts to collect and stock sponsored devices, or having a sponsor willing to do so on your behalf. Maybe Pine64 could help you with this idea?

  • @Flohack You know I was just thinking, there are resellers here in the states who buy devices in bulk, recondition them and sell them on eBay and Amazon. Maybe you all could partner with some of them to offer UT ported devices. If they see a demand for it, they are likely to fill it. Win for them, win for you.

  • @rocket2nfinity Wel lno you misunderstood, I think the service side is fully viable, but it seems not many people would want to pay for it. this is something we must work on if we want to have this ecosystem: Get the message done that its far better to have your device installed by someone for a small fee than to get frustrated by failing yourself, and on top we cannot do mass support for installations for free. Already now our volunteers are struggling to help everyone getting install problems resolved.

  • @Flohack Instead of mailing devices around for installation (which adds additional cost in terms of shipping and logistic burden to community members who need to send the installed phone back) wouldn't it be an alternative to have something like a remote installation tool available to community members who act as "installation support" and remotely install UT on a users' phone hooked up to a PC via USB? These installation helpers could directly interact with the user via a chat function. But I guess a user who would be able to set-up a safe remote acccess to his/her PC probably would have the technical skills to download and use the installer.....Just an idea.

  • @nogoogle Well yes maybe not directly connected to the device but one could get help with a webcam and audio connection to show whats happening and to get help.
    But still this needs time and dedication, so it should be honoured in some way ^^

  • @Flohack Oh, yes agree about the remuneration part. My thinking was: could we do something more intelligent to help people than just mailing devices around. I am working in a different field and I am using telemedicine everyday in times of COVID19. Assisting interested users with installing UT remotely seems to me like a more trivial task that could be more efficiently be addressed by such a system rather than shipping decvices.

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