Nexus 5 does not show any wifi networks

  • Thank you both for your assistance. Today I realized my phone receives wifi signal if I am very close to my router. So network signals are only identified if they are very strong.
    App "wifi scanner" shows significant drop of signal strength even if I move 10m away with no wall inbetween.
    Is it possible to be a SW issue? In this case I would like to follow your instruction and reinstall the UT (dev first than stable)

    best regards

  • @Bernie Have you checked the connectors going to the antennas inside the case? It is possible one came loose or got crimped if someone changed the battery.

  • @Bernie Dev update using System Settings, Updates, Update Settings, Channels.

  • @Bernie said in Nexus 5 does not show any wifi networks:

    Is it possible to be a SW issue?

    It's always possible, but given your observations I highly doubt it.
    Mostly a hardware issue and possible failure of the wifi chip or antenna as @rocket2nfinity suggested.

  • @Bernie Just to share my experience: When I first installed UT on my N5, I had a trouble with my display which was shift on the screen. Was unable to fix it. Finally I solved it as following:

    On a Windows 10 PC, install and run « Nexus Toolkit »
    Flash latest Android version back. (It also updates all firmwares)

    Activate Developer mode + enable Android Debug Bridge

    Reboot in bootloader

    Run UT installer and install UT again

    Than everything runs smooth & fine.

    If you don’t have a Windows PC you can flash your N5 manually using an official Google factory Image.

    Maybe this can help you (?)

  • I had the same issue a while ago. Wifi stopped working (i.e. would not detect any network) no reboot or even a clean reinstall would fix it. I ended up buying another N5 to use as daily driver. The other day I got back to the broken N5 because I needed a "phone only" phone for travel and voilà wifi was was working again up until last week, when it stopped again (no network detected at all). I think this is a hardware issue (lose contact are ailing wifi chip). I did not open it to check because i was afraid to break something and the phone would become completely unusable.

  • Dear all, thank you for your support.
    Meanwhile I have checked Wifi antenna, but could not find a visible failure. In addition I have flashed latest Android version and realized also here wifi receiption to be poor. So I think it is definetly a hardware issue.

  • @stanwood Same for me, happened a few times in the beginning, but that was before the OTA 12.

  • My N5 had the same problem before.
    I switched wifi on/off for several times and again and again but it didn't get well.
    Then I reboot N5 but wifi settings did't display any wi-fi stations, just empty.
    After all I reinstalled Ubuntu Touch from firmware. Wifi had worked fine again.
    So It was not hardware malfunction.
    At first I also doubted wi-fi malfunction, but wifi anneta indicator shown it was receiving radiowave.
    And I'msure this was happened after I tried wifi tethering.
    Wifi tethering worked but unstable so sometimes I could see N5 via bluetooth from my PC but sometimes not.
    After I was doing wifi tethering on/off again and again I had noticed N5 didn't display any wifi station at all.
    I've never wifi tethering on after reinstalling ubuntu touch.
    This is what I experienced. Thank You.

  • You can try to install the last android version avalaible from Google (to get last firmwares) and then intall back UT.

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