Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name

  • If it needs one how about Utouch.

  • I dont think we should use "Touch" in/as the name.
    Ubuntu Touch was actually just Ubuntu, but people called it Ubuntu Touch because even though convergence was promised, we never got unity 8 to a good enough level to be default on the desktop, otherwise I believe we would have just called it Ubuntu.

    We should look at current names of projects

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone
    • CyanogenOS
    • LineageOS

    Personally I think we shouldn't have OS or Phone in the name either.
    So looking at

    • Android
    • Sailfish
    • Plasma
    • Tizen
    • FireFox


    • Ubuntu
    • Mint
    • Debian

    What would sound good in this kind of area?
    I don't know, but we'll have to figure something out sometime.

  • @Lakota said in Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name:

    If it needs one how about Utouch.


  • @Bastos said in Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name:

    If it needs one how about Utouch.

    "Utouch Urself. The most pleasant OS in the World".


  • UB-Mobile, U-Mobile, UBports-Mobile, stealing that from somewhere ~

  • @Flohack said in Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name:

    @CyberAly I am a bit opposed against emphasizing Ubuntu in the name. TBH Canonical let us all down, and now we should give them free advertisment for their name? Nah I dont like this. We are not affiliated with them, and on th elong run I want some distance here....

    Ubuntu is not Canonical. The community was build in the Ubuntu community with their values. If that are not the values which should be in this mobile operating system than it is better to change the name. Ubuntu is a philosophy. If it is a good goal for the operating system I think the project can use this name. The distance, when the project change the name of the operating system has nothing to do with a distance to Canonical. It is only a distance to the early adapter from the Ubuntu Community.

  • @toddy that's fine and dandy but please read my message above specially this part:

    "Any redistribution of modified versions of Ubuntu must be approved, certified or provided by Canonical if you are going to associate it with the Trademarks. Otherwise you must remove and replace the Trademarks".

    In short, we can't use the name Ubuntu unless we want to deal with Canonical certification.

    Canonical’s Trademarks (registered in word and logo form) include:

    • Ubuntu
    • Kubuntu
    • Edubuntu
    • Xubuntu
    • Juju
    • Landscape

    You can use the Trademarks, in accordance with Canonical’s brand guidelines, with Canonical’s permission in writing. If you require a Trademark licence, please contact us (as set out below).

    You will require Canonical’s permission to use: (i) any mark ending with the letters UBUNTU or BUNTU which is sufficiently similar to the Trademarks or any other confusingly similar mark, and (ii) any Trademark in a domain name or URL or for merchandising purposes.

    You cannot use the Trademarks in software titles. If you are producing software for use with or on Ubuntu you may reference Ubuntu, but must avoid: (i) any implication of endorsement, or (ii) any attempt to unfairly or confusingly capitalise on the goodwill of Canonical or Ubuntu.

    You can use the Trademarks in discussion, commentary, criticism or parody, provided that you do not imply endorsement by Canonical.

    You can write articles, create websites, blogs or talk about Ubuntu, provided that it is clear that you are in no way speaking for or on behalf of Canonical and that you do not imply endorsement by Canonical.

    Canonical reserves the right to review all use of Canonical’s Trademarks and to object to any use that appears outside of this IPRights Policy.

  • We are in talks with Canonical about the use of Canonical IP.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi, I think we should not forget Ubuntu developers effort. On the other hand we have now bot logo and UBports branding that just works very well. I like it, I have a big respect with the people that have pick up the UT OS to keep it a live, they have choosen current branding and logo, we should listen to their opinion and feelings in this case and wait until they come to us with some new branding and logo ideas, if necessary.

    We should take it easy, and keep working on more important issues. Let the future or Canonical do the first move. 😎

  • @UniSuperBox said in Branding UBports: OS name / Project Logo / Project Name:

    We are in talks with Canonical about the use of Canonical IP.

    That evidently changes everything.

  • @MK73 I was looking at my browser home page,and wondering why it could not have ???
    UBports Help
    UBports Shop
    UBports Community
    this could be a link to the wiki ,etc

    Or a link for ,FAQ, or installing

  • Global Moderator

    I think that is a must. 😜

  • I updated my two devices yesterday and it all went smooth, no issues in the upgrade at all. So far looks good, with the new browser and Dekko 2 working nice and smooth.

    The upgrade did make me rethink about this post and the fact that branding needs to be addressed. For me personally there were two issues that I could see, moving past the fact that we do not know the name or if to keep the robot:

    • list itemOn boot up my M10 shows the UBPorts robot with the scrolling dots, however on my E5 it shows Ubuntu Touch on boot up with the scrolling dots. Strange, as I thought that they would have both shown the same thing. This should be consistent.

    • list itemAfter porting, I had rebooted my M10 I was unsure if it was actually UBPorts that I had and not actually the previous clean version of Touch. There was nothing that actually told me that I had ports. Nothing like a default UBPorts wallpaper, nothing in the settings or anything else that I could find. I had to reboot to see if I had the robot with the scrolling dots.

    I just think that whatever we go with we need to make it a bit clearer for people to know what they are using Ubuntu Touch or UBPorts. A default wallpaper would be a quick and easy way to address this.

    Oui , je suis d'accord avec Ukphil pour le robot Ubports, c'est quand même leur travail😌

    Yes, I agree with Ukphil for the Ubports robot, it's still their job
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  • @Locamama Ubuntu touch has developed Canonical and thanks to them we are enjoying it, that we must not forget it.
    The charging screen is perfect, maybe a bit more resolution.
    To put some logo of ubports would be perfect, but the robot ......, I see it very childish, little serious I would say.
    In short, it is my opinion.

  • Let's cut the Ubuntu rope getting a complete different name. We are not a subdivision of Canonical!
    How about Ubantu? 😉

    Thinking about something with pirates because it's bad ass just like I feel when using Ubuntu Touch.
    Unfortunately Black Flag is already taken.
    Pirate OS is too obvious, kinda childish. Good name for a raspberri pi operated mobile.
    How about Keelhaul? Or Mutiny which is also a geeky reference to the TV Show "Halt and Catch Fire"? Think that was also considered for Yunit afaik.
    Peg Leg MOS (MOS == mobile operating system), three "words" with 3 letters - sounds catchy.

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