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    @3T_Ed @cliffcoggin
    Just to give an opposite point of view.
    What you like (or me) is not necessarily what the majority likes.

    But of course. I was only commenting, not complaining. There are far more important matters to resolve before worrying about this sort of trivia.

  • For about four weeks or so, every time my Oneplus 3T has updated to the next release, after the automatic reboot Launcher Modular is trying to open automatically (as it's supposed to do and was normal process) yet keeps hanging - while the UT interface is just fully functional -. After rebooting manually again LM is working fine.

    Is this a known issue and a consequence of the latest update? Anyone else have the same experience?

    edit 29-07-'20:
    Happy to report that the issue seems to have been solved.

  • @3T_Ed
    Launcher modular hacks its way into the system, so it probably need to redo the work after each update and a reboot is required in order to apply the m"hack".

    Not sure if you're talking about the same thing I have in mind. But it certainly looks like it 🙂

  • @AppLee

    Thanks, that must be it. I'm not really bothered by it, just wanted to make sure it's not my phone or way of installing. Sounds like it's a generic issue every user experiences. The convenience of LM outweighs this minor issue

  • Launcher Modular is designed for last stable releases i guess, so if you're on RC or DEV, then it could hang because of that, yes.
    And even on stable, it has some bugs, i cannot use galery page on MX4, LM crashs when i try to set it.

  • Happy to report that the issue seems to have been solved. Launcher Modular does not hang anymore after UT updates. Since there has not been a LM update I guess it was (unintentionally?) fixed through the latest UT update.

  • On the Launcher Modular ‘Home page’ I did observe the following:

    • Last call: does not update
    • Last message: does not update
    • Favorite apps: Dekko 2 and camera app do not open when tapped, other apps like ‘indicator-upower’ and Morph browser can be opened.
    • Favorite contacts: When tapping a contact the avatar turns, SMS functioning, telephone doesn't

  • @cliffcoggin said in Launcher Modular:

    @3T_Ed said in Launcher Modular:

    Installed Circle Message app and that works as well. Now all I need is the Circle to display the message(s) by default, the ones I entered in the Circle Message app and that would make the ICE workaround acceptable.

    Agreed. I find the "you have taken three pictures today" type messages rather pointless, and they sometimes take priority over ones own message. I would like to get rid of them.

    This is still bothering me. Is the Circle Message app developer (Michal Predotka) an active member of the community? (3 @Michal's listed). Would love to read his input and hopefully he can think along to improve the app.

  • @3T_Ed The app simply adds a custom entry in the lock screen, The behavior of the lock screen is managed by Lomiri. I do agree though that this feature is kinda useless. Hopefully, someone can come up with a more useful use of that circle.

  • @kugiigi
    Yep. I guessed as much. Before opening a can of worms here I thought I'd better check with the Circle Message dev to see if there's an alternative way.

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