Is UT efficient for a daily drive ?

  • @advocatux Hello.
    In continuity with your effective advices, have you experienced light packages that work well (with Nexus 5 or OPO) under libertine container (video players, web browsers, emails or other) useful on a daily basis ? Thank you

  • @Lakotaubp Thank you very much ! Following your advises, I have succeeded to install VLC on my Nexus 7. I regret the UI is almost unusable, but it is better than nothing !

  • @domubpkm said in Is UT efficient for a daily drive ?:

    I tried the package named 'vlc', it works very badly in OPO...

    That is the package I was referring to. I might be getting confused with wireshark, which does have a QT and GTK package in the repos.

    Any application not written with different screen sizes and touch input in mind will work badly on a phone. But having said that, if the File Manager is used for browsing and selecting the media, and VLC is only used for the playback, then it is a passable experience.

  • @arubislander Actually, it's worse than fair for me! The Nexus 5 crashes when this package is launched and the OPO has the image that freezes very quickly and only the sound is correct. I guess that's normal!

  • I do not have any of those devices, so I cannot speak to them. On my Pro5 and M10 FHD it works without crashes.

  • @TotalSonic Man. Trying to find one of these phones with decent specs, in good condition is hard!!!! Otherwise have to pay 450 for BQ Aquarius...

    Any suggestions???

  • @Pookie
    One thing to know about UT in the present day is that it's also quite sluggish compared to android for example - apps take a long time to launch (especially camera app, which is annoying) even those you'd assume are "light", like Notes. Also, I own a FP2 and I don't recommend using UT as a daily drive on it - since i bought it a couple of months ago it sits nicely on a desk, waiting for the time three main problems are fixed: there are some random reboots, even though nothing like that happened since OTA-11 (fingers crossed) ; brightness management still means you have to wait 10 whole seconds for the phone to lock if brightness is up (known issue); and finally the flashlight doesn't work (known issue). Everything else works perfectly, anbox and Libertine are impressively functional, the interface is fast and intuitive, and no apps ever gave me trouble. I could do with a bit of sluggishness and locking issues, but the flashlight is something I need on a daily basis at work, so I can't yet shift to this phone.

  • @Emphrath The problem you experience are linked to your phone.

    Flashlights works well on Nexus5.
    Compared to android, I feel apps are started fast enough (about 2s) and take a f**ing lot less memory.
    I never experienced problem with brightness.
    In two years I experienced few reboots but not as much as I had with android (about two to three reboots per month with Google).

    So I agree the experience can be different according to the device owned.
    And the need to rely on old used phones is a cause for some problems.
    The system evolves fast and is more stable each day.

    Let's hope issues will be fixed for you FP2 and that PinePhone will be fully supported so we can rely on a good device to get the most of our OS.

  • @Emphrath
    Well, it looks like the FP2 is not a device stable enough for a daily driver. But videos I have checked about UT show that apps are not so slow to launch, in any case it is good enough for me. Maybe the problem is FP2 ?

    After looking at the different devices, it seems that there are two solutions for me :

    • Find a Meizu pro 5, which has all the things I need, hoping all will work properly (kind of a bet). The main problem being that it is not easy to find in Europe by now, even the android version.

    • Find a cheap and easy-to-find device like the nexus 5 (or wait for the pinephone) just to try UT for fun, knowing that there will be some compromises and that it will never be good enough to get rid of my android phone for the future (no fingerprint sensor, no dual-sim, no good camera, old hardware, second-hand so battery already used, possible bugs). The advantage of this solution is that it can be done right now.

    • A third option could be to wait some time that some other device is ported on UT, with all the specs I need and no bugs. Kind of a bet as well, it can take some time. I have seen the volla project on another topic, could be great but no evidence that it will ever be released as the kickstarter seems too ambitious.

  • Yeah obviously the FP2 has a lot of problems of its own, that are definitely not specific to UT, and be not mistaken, I had a great experience with this OS and am not reverting to Android; it's just that pooky asked about the FP2, and here is its current state of porting ^^

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