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  • I have been working in a Morph Browser icon.






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    Marius answered to «Why is called Morph»:

    Since it "Morphs" into different shapes (convergence) and fits all screens

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      Based on Origami (Licenced CC-by Creative Mania from the Noun Project)

  • @CiberSheep

    Very nice!!

    You might want to consider adding a temporary and subtle www-icon though until pps have all updated and are familiar with the new logo.

  • I love it!

  • I would never have guessed that this icon starts a browser. It's not a problem, I'll get used to it.

  • It's better than the current icon which too closely resembles the Camera icon.

  • Have to agree with both @Moem and @cliffcoggin the design does not correspond with a browser, that is if you're not a Morph insider. Nevertheless it's a beautiful design and could be a big succes. After all, who would have thought that the Big 'M' would sell trazillions of hamburgers?

  • I agree with moem as well

  • I love the design, if I see it right it is a butterfly that shows us the way with a wing of another color, it is very nice that a butterfly guides you through the web...


  • @CiberSheep i like it a lot, I think a butterfly flying through the web works.

    I think theres a bit to much blue space, but I think just having a fold alighned with the wing would fix that.

    I really like this new icon.

  • I like the concept. Morph heralds the emerging convergent web browsing experience, just like a caterpillar 'morphs' into a butterfly.

    But I was also concerned that it doesn't shout 'web browser' to newcomers, similar to how Dekko (the name) doesn't shout 'email client' and new users have had a hard time finding it in the Open Store.

    Of course Morph has the advantage of being preinstalled and pinned to the launcher out of the box. But I agree with @3T_Ed that the addition of a subtle, more recognizable www-icon might aid recognition.

    On the other hand, the browser that broke the naming convention and has a power-ball icon has been hugely successful. So ...

  • I dont fully ageew with everyones assesment of browser icons.

    Many just have a globe and something wrapped around it, such as firefox, sure.

    However, internet explorer is just a yellow stripe around a e, the new one is just like a wave of water with a bit of green, chrome is 3 colours around a blue dot, safari is a compass, opera is just a O, brave is just a lion.

    For some reason, we all have this idea that a web-browser is something around a globe, but other than firefox, none of the big players use that.

    I dont think anyone looks at safari or brave and thinks instinctually “thats a web browser” but every apple user has figured it out.

    I think being different is fine because everyones different, and there isnt a standard, if yiu randomly picked up an iPhone, or an android device, and never saw the safari or chrome icon before, youd have no idea which app is suppose to be the web browser.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat I had that problem when I was forced to use an Iphone at work. That was the first time I ever used a product from Apple. I've been using Android and after that UT. I had a little problem to find the web browser 😂, a compass? A compass on a phone is a compass not a web browser.

  • Thank you all for your feedback 💜

  • @CiberSheep Just a thought, maybe you could somehow add the 3 w:s inside the filled wing? Or anywhere else inside the icon.

  • @CiberSheep
    I love the design, I sense the "morph" theme here with the butterfly.

    At first I shared the vision that it's not screaming web browser.
    But then I thought about other browsers and thought : that's not a requirement

    And I think it's labelled "browser" in the app drawer, isn't it ?

    In addition, I'd say that like @PhoenixLandPirat I'll add a fold aligned with some wing lines, that's something I like very much in UT icons and it will "fill up" the space

  • Keep feeling it needs to move slightly up and to the right. I keep focusing on the wing, which turns into a stylised compass pointer which is very clever. Thanks again for all your work on this and other projects.

  • I believe the placement is right on, but to follow up on your compass hunch, I reckon there could be some sort of compass background where the top of the wing acts as a pointer. Then it would be perfect, because it would accurately suggest navigation wouldn't it ?

  • Hi everyone, I love the logo presented by @Cibersheep, it's original and I think it would represent well the Morph Browser. I also agree with Lakotaubp's opinion and I have made a small modification to the logo.

    I hope you like it,


    Captura de pantalla -2020-07-20 22-24-46.jpg


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