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  • If an installation of Dekko2 somehow needs a cleaned environment, it should remove or rename old content to bring it out of the way.

  • @guru you are right that it should. that doesn't necessarily mean that it successfully does so in all cases 😞

  • @domubpkm just checked that: Copy and paste works when reading messages but not in the editor. Both on xenial as well as on vivid... I don't think it has been different at anytime, so this is no regression, but nonetheless the less annoying and definitely high prio. (maybe it will take some time (2-3 months) until you see progress on dekko again, since the new telegram client is happening atm)

  • @hummlbach Thanks for your answer.

    For the copy/paste you are right : i must do a mix with 'dekko 1' vivid in which copy/paste worked fully.

    You say : maybe it will take some time (2-3 months) until you see progress on dekko again... : it's an interesting information for every dekko user.

  • Does anybody know how Dekko handles spam? For some reason I get a good amount of replies to my own e-mails caught in Dekko's spam folder. They seem to end up there instead of in the gmail spam or the spam handled by Thunderbird on my PC.

  • I had problems to save an attached file via the file manager. When I select the file manager in the app list, the file manger opens as expected. But after pressing insert nothing happens. Can anybody confirm this?
    Saving pdf's via the document viewer works perfectly!

  • Is this thread still in use or has the Dekko2 discussion moved elsewhere?

    I filed two new issues in the bug tracker:

  • This morning I deleted in my IMAP mbox a single mail. I was on the road, i.e. the connection by data mobile, and it seems that the mail was not purged on the server. It is still visible there using another MUA and it is also visible using the same Dekko2 on another OTA-7 device. The mail is not visible, even after restart of Dekko2 on the device from where I did the deletion. The only I can think of is that Dekko2 has a local database of deleted mails. Is this a bug or a feature.

    Btw: Are there any other users of Dekko here? 🙂

  • Yes me for example.
    When we first published dekko 2 for 16.04 in the openstore, it was downloaded over 800 times within 3 days or so. 🙂 And i guess most of the people knew what they were doing... 😉

  • Well, I was asking for a use on a daily runner. Like I do. There is so less discussion traffic here in the forum.

  • @guru Have just been trying this but on wifi. On UT devices it worked OK There was a bit of a delay with nexus 7 catching up with OPO restarting dekko help speed things up as well.
    The biggest delay was gmail app on android that took 10 mins to catch up. Maybe your issue was just down to the mobile connection. Should be able to check on mobile data tomorrow.

  • @guru I use it as my only mail application (ah rarely using mutt on the PC for searching for old mails) on my only phone and daily driver.

  • When I have my FreeBSD laptop or netbook (Acer C720) running, I use mutt, if not I use Dekko since 2015. I even ported mutt to my E4.5 running UT. This was lost when I moved to UBports, but I will definitely recompile it again in a chrooted env because Dekko2 is missing some essential features, for example 'view source' of the mail.

  • @guru said :

    Btw: Are there any other users of Dekko here? 🙂

    I have been using dekko/dekko2 regularly for four years but only for reading emails.

  • Global Moderator

    @libremax I am using also for sending, I have the standard problem that it does not pick up the e-mail from contacts and than to send an e-mail I have to play rotating the screen.

    Also if I want to answer some e-mail it is better to do it from the incoming list (swiping from right and selecting the action to be done) than clicking on reply when inside of the e-mail. This way it works perfect, the e-mails are queued and sent.

    Also now with the suru-dark theme I have set with Ubuntu Tweek tool app I notice I can not read well the insert e-mail cells as they are very blank, white.

    Thanks for all the done work and improvements, and happy Dan Chapmann is slowly back. My best regards for all of you.

  • I use Dekko2 daily on my tablet and mobile phone. I must admit though that I read more mails than I send, so I do not encounter many of the issues you do.

  • Reading works mostly (if I do not count rendering problems and crashes/freezes). But, sending is nearly impossible. This morning I wanted to forward a message to my wife because I got the tickets of her flights. It crashed three times on sending the same mail, I gave up. That's why I have had this horrible stupid idea to wipe the cash with the result that all config was wiped too. See here:

  • Hello,

    Are there any plans or milestones for an update of Dekko2? For weeks I do not see any movement in the list of issues in
    only new issues from time to time.

    This morning I used the old Dekko in my BQ M10 which still runs the latest beta release of Canonical (I was one of the Beta-tester-group). Is it possible to port the old Dekko to UBports OTA-7 or are there any missing infrastructure pieces?


  • @domubpkm said in Dekko2 Developer Community Thread:

    @guru What we can see :

    What do the expired milestones mean, and the first non-expired w/o any issue?

    And, can you answer my other question re/ the old Dekko? Thanks.

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