morph browser: not possible to show map due to missing WebGL

  • hello,
    when searching for geocaches via the morph browser it is not possible to use the map embedded into the homepage. maybe this happens not just with
    In the past it worked, think this bug occurs since the transition to morph browser.

    any ideas or workarounds?

    an thanks a lot for the great job you guys have been doing:)photo_2019-09-30_12-24-38.jpg

  • @flaun-in hi, I've moved this topic to Support too 🙂

    Edit: I don't have an account there to test it but just to have more info: which UT channel are you running in your device? Morph is under heavy development and some of its features haven't reach 'stable' yet

  • WebGL is explicitly disabled in Morph for now, as QtWebEngine does not have support for Mir EGL to get it working.

    It will likely remain disabled until QtWebEngine can do WebGL on top of Wayland, and we have Wayland EGL support working on devices.

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